LANCASTER, PA -  Rohrer’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning recently selected a GPS system provider for its 37 vehicles, which the company said has reduced insurance costs and improved driver behavior. Rohrer’s HVAC, specializing in providing high-quality installation and repair of heating and air conditioning equipment, grew to include 37 fleet vehicles, but needed to combat the rising cost of insurance.

“Our insurance company was worried about speeding and the safety of some of our younger drivers,” said Scott Rohrer, President of Rohrer’s HVAC. “But once they knew we had GPS vehicle tracking, they felt better about putting the young drivers on the policy because we were monitoring and controlling speed.”

The company selected FleetMatics' GPS solution, which provides owners of small businesses with vehicle location information. In the event of theft, any tracked vehicle can potentially be recovered.  FleetMatics’ GPS receivers are hardwired inconspicuously inside the vehicles. FleetMatics GPS tracking also monitors vehicle speed and in doing so helps discourage improper driving behavior.

Mr. Rohrer specifically uses the Automated Speeding Alerts to ensure his drivers maintain proper speed. If a driver exceeds a set speed threshold, an alert is sent immediately via email to Mr. Rohrer. He also makes the information readily available to his insurance company as proof of compliance.

“Since FleetMatics tracks the vehicles 24/7, I can make sure techs aren’t going to places I don’t want them going,” said Mr. Rohrer. “I can come in the next morning, look at the FleetMatics report and see if there has been any activity during the night or on the weekends.”

Rohrer’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning experienced a return on investment and improved bottom line by using GPS.

“We saw immediate savings when we installed FleetMatics,” said Mr. Rohrer. “Drivers being tracked immediately straightened out once they knew FleetMatics was monitoring their actions.”