MEMPHIS, TN - Eagle Medical Service, an ambulatory service in the Memphis and Jackson areas, needed a GPS fleet tracking solution to manage its growth and monitor its vehicles to provide a higher level of customer service. The company’s fleet consists of 25 ambulances.

“We started looking at GPS fleet tracking solutions so that we could keep track of our vehicles and assets and find the closest vehicle to a client to ensure we always provide on-time service for our patients’ satisfaction and comfort,” said Larry Riedel, Operations Manager for Eagle Medical Service.

Eagle selected the MARCUS Fleet Tracking solution from Discrete Wireless. According to Eagle, the company has seen a number of positive results from having more readily available vehicle tracking data.

“By keeping track of our vehicles, issuing speed alerts and monitoring the Idle Report, we have been able to reduce fuel costs by 20 percent,” Riedel said.

In terms of productivity, the company has dramatically increased the number of calls it has been able to answer. “We have been able to maintain our tremendous growth due to the MARCUS Fleet Tracking solution,” Riedel said. “We have gone from 14 calls in a month, to more than 1,300 calls in a month, while winning repeat business because we pride ourselves on being on time for every call.
Organizationally, it’s our philosophy to always consider the patient first.”

The company was also able to switch insurance providers and lower the rates it was paying by being able to monitor its drivers. Other benefits include increased driver productivity due to route optimization and a reduced workload for fleet dispatchers.