CHICAGO and ORANGE COUNTY, CA – Three taxi companies, Taxi Medallion Management in Chicago, and Yellow Cab of Anaheim, Calif. and Cabco Yellow Inc. of Orange County, Calif. have purchased new compressed natural gas-fueled (CNG) Ford Transit Connect taxis. Medallion is putting 12 CNG Transit Connects into service. The purchase is part of the company’s goal of reducing emissions by 25 percent, said Michael Levine, CEO of Taxi Medallion Management.

“We are adding CNG-powered vehicles to our fleet in order to reduce the effective cost of fuel for our drivers, and to introduce cleaner vehicles for the environment,” said Levine.

Yellow Cab of Anaheim and Cabco Yellow Inc. of Orange County have ordered a combined 119 CNG-powered Transit Connect Taxis. The first 50 will be delivered within the next two months. The rest are scheduled to be delivered by the end of 2011.