ATLANTA – Pipe Works Services added a new GPS-based fleet tracking system to its eight vehicles, boosting productivity by 35 percent and cutting fuel costs by 20 percent. Established in 2000, Pipe Works Services is a plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning company based in Chatham, N.J. and provides service Morris, Union, Somerset, and Essex counties.

According to Paul Giglio, president and owner of Pipe Works Services, “Within the first two months, we saw immediate improvement in driver habits and noticed our drivers used more efficient routes to reach their destinations.”

Giglio was looking for another GPS fleet tracking solution and selected the MARCUS Fleet Tracking solution from Discrete Wireless Inc.

Giglio said the system’s alert functionality within the system has been especially useful. By setting up alerts, he is notified immediately if a vehicle in his fleet is moving after hours or on the weekend. Pipe Works Services also created geofences, a virtual perimeter, around each company driver’s home to monitor driver behavior. Giglio said this was the primary reason for the boost in his employees’ productivity.

“Because the drivers knew their behavior and workday profiles were being monitored, we increased overall fleet productivity by 35 percent while decreasing fuel costs by 20 percent,” Giglio said.