OnTerra Systems recently introduced RouteSavvy Online, a route optimization tool, according to an Oct. 17 press release. It is predominantly designed for small business fleets and business professionals who drive to multiple destinations for their work, and for individuals organizing errands, carpools and other multi-destination trips.

RouteSavvy Online initially was deployed as a "Map App" running on the Bing platform. This new version of RouteSavvy stands now runs natively in any Web browser, and features improved functionality and performance.

Users input their destinations into RouteSavvy either by: uploading a spreadsheet with addresses; clicking on locations in the displayed map which defaults to a user's home or business area; or manually entering addresses in an input box in the RouteSavvy Web map applications.

Once addresses are entered, users also can choose whether they need a round-trip or a variety of one-way routes. RouteSavvy's algorithms then will calculate the most efficient route for the multiple stops.

"RouteSavvy Online provides a fast, easy way to optimize a route for more than 100 stops, which saves time, reduces fuel costs, and enhances customer satisfaction," said Patrick Campbell, OnTerra Systems' chief operating officer and co-founder. "RouteSavvy Online is extremely easy to use, and can quickly improve a fleet or business individual's bottom line."

Steve Milroy, OnTerra Systems’ president and co-founder, noted, “At just $5 a month per vehicle, RouteSavvy Online can pay for itself within days or weeks of deployment.”