Vincentric, a provider of automotive cost-of-ownership data, announced Dec. 8 the release of the automotive industry's first comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) database for Canada.
The Vincentric Canadian Database contains cost-of-ownership data on nearly 5,000 Canadian vehicles from the 2011 and 2012 model years, and calculates TCO based on four lifecycle terms and five annual driving distances ranging from 15,000 to 50,000 kilometers. Results are compiled for both the consumer and fleet markets, providing vehicle specific insights that can benefit every sector of the automotive industry, including website publishers, auto manufacturers, fleet operators and dealers.
The Vincentric data measures eight cost elements for every vehicle in the database, including depreciation, financing, fees and taxes, fuel, insurance, maintenance, opportunity cost and repairs. The entire database is updated monthly to apply current vehicle prices, residual values, fuel prices, and other economic and market factors. Users can license the Vincentric data using either Vincentric’s Web Service technology, on-going monthly data deliveries or via VinBase Online, Vincentric’s online cost of ownership tool for Canada.
"With the continued globalization of the automotive industry, we felt it was critical to expand the geographic scope of our cost-of-ownership measurements," stated David Wurster, president of Vincentric. "We are excited to be the first to introduce such a comprehensive and detailed automotive cost-of-ownership database for Canada, and look forward to helping current and future clients use this information effectively."
Further information regarding the Vincentric Canadian Cost of Ownership database and its benefits is available at, or by contacting Dave Freed, Managing Partner of Vincentric, at 952-891-1054 or