DETROIT - Being green-minded has its advantages in California, particularly for operators of the MY-2012 Chevrolet Volt electric car. California has authorized a $1,500 state rebate and will allow drivers to take advantage of the state's carpool lanes while traveling solo-potentially helping Volt drivers to get from point A to B faster using some of the most chronically clogged freeways in the nation.

According to the company, commuters who use carpool lanes in Southern California save an estimated average 36 minutes a day, or about a third of their total driving time. 

The California Department of Motor Vehicles is making 40,000 Clean Air Stickers available for registered vehicles that meet the state's emissions standards. Applications can be downloaded from the DMV's web site at

Chevrolet Volt with clean air sticker

Chevrolet Volt with clean air sticker

California has more than 1,400 miles of High Occupancy Vehicle lanes. Originally restricted to vehicles with two or more occupants to help minimize congestion, the lanes are now open to single occupancy use by owners of advanced, low-emission vehicles. Volts registered in Georgia, New York, and Florida also are eligible for single occupancy access to carpool lanes.

In addition to the $1,500 California state rebate, Volts qualify for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500.

Volts with the Low Emissions Package, which is standard for California, are currently being shipped from the General Motors Detroit-Hamtramck plant.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet