A new report from GreenRoad says 19% of fleet managers are using some kind of mobile app or related smartphone capabilities to actively deal with fleet management tasks. In addition, 37% of survey respondents cited in the report said they expect to see an increase in the use of apps for fleet management.

Beyond fleet managers using these devices, 28% of managers with fleet-related responsibilities are actively using smartphones in some capacity. In addition, 8% are using iPads or another type of tablet computer, the company’s “Connected Fleet” survey stated.

When it comes to the technologies fleet professionals plan to deploy for the purposes of fleet management, 31% said they will be using Web-based services, 25% plan to use iPads or some other kind of tablet device, and 22% plan to purchase more smartphones.

Another recent survey on mobile device use by mobile workforce solutions iPass also supports just how prevalent using a range of mobile devices is becoming in the workplace, with an average of 3.5 devices per employee.

Although desktop software has long been a staple in fleet management, of those surveyed, less than half (41%) said they are still using PC-based software that doesn’t have Web access, showing growth in the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) fleet management applications. Only 12% are using proprietary handheld mobile devices. Out of the survey's respondents, 57% of fleets have deployed Web-based fleet management solutions.

Fleet professionals said drivers of fleet vehicles are also adopting new types of mobile technologies, with 25% of respondents saying their drivers are using a “job-specific” smartphone or other mobile app, and that 14% intend to increase driver smartphone and mobile app deployments.

GreenRoad conducted its survey in February 2012 and received responses from 178 participants from fleets of all types and sizes. The company said respondents recommend, approve or influence fleet technology purchases.

As more devices and mobile technology becomes available, companies do need to keep in mind the liabilities that can come with such technologies. Click here for an article on creating and implementing an effective cell phone policy for your fleet.