Locker shown with a Verizon DroidX.

Locker shown with a Verizon DroidX.

Dock-N-Lock LLC, a family-operated business headquartered in Sarasota, Fla., has partnered up with Mobile Rugged Technologies, a leader in military grade electronics, to create a device that can withstand heavy and rough use.

Once installed in either a commercial fleet or residential vehicle, the device will disable the vehicle from starting until the driver’s phone is secure in a locker component. For the driver, this makes texting and driving virtually impossible.

The solution, named Surge’ON, will be sold as a fleet safety product and to consumers. Safer “hands-free” features like Bluetooth will be available, but only if permitted by the administrator of the device, not the driver.

For more information about distracted driving and Dock-N-Lock’s solution go to or call 941-870-2053.