Cellcontrol, a developer of distracted driving solutions, announced last week that it found through a year-long internal market analysis that 5% of Fortune 500 firms are enforcing corporate policies regarding their drivers’ use of cell phones by using one of the top five distracted driving technology vendors. The top five vendors include Cellcontrol, Illume Software, tXtBlocker, DriveSafe.ly and ZoomSafer.

“While a large portion of these firms have the policy in place, there is no way to actually ensure that employees are following the policy without some type of technology solution,” said Wendy Parish, Cellcontrol spokesperson. “The policy can serve as a deterrent, but to actually prevent employees from using mobile devices while driving, and thus eliminating the dangers of the distraction, there has to be something that physically keeps them from doing it.”

Parish said that technology solutions outside of the top five vendors would have difficulty supporting a Fortune 500’s large workforce. “In order to enforce the policy and track their employees, the solution has to have comprehensive administrative functions that could support and track a large workforce,” Parish added.
Cellcontrol Senior Vice President Chuck Cox said that while he applauds companies for diligently working to update their distracted driving policies, “What we discovered is that Fortune 500 firms are working diligently to update and/or create corporate distracted driving policies, but are allocating hardly any funds for a technology solution designed to ensure compliance by their employees who aren’t working on company grounds.”