Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich on June 1 signed a bill that bans texting while driving. The violation will become a secondary traffic offense for adults and a primary offense for drivers under 18, when the law goes into effect Aug. 30.

The new law also prohibits drivers under age of 18 from any use of a wireless communications device while driving. That means no talking, texting, emailing, game playing or anything else on a cell phone while driving.

For the first 60 days after the law takes effect, offenders will be issued warnings. After that, adult violators will face a fine of up to $150. Teens who violate the law will be subject to a $150 fine and a 60-day license suspension. Teens who are repeat offenders can face a $300 fine and a year-long license suspension.

Ohio is the 39th state to prohibit texting behind the wheel for all drivers.