Nissan said it plans to make its “Easy-Fill Tire Alert” system available on all future models it plans to bring to market, starting in 2013. The automaker said this safety feature, which improves fuel economy by helping to ensure a vehicle’s tires are properly inflated, currently comes standard on all 2013-MY Altima, LEAF, and Quest models.

The Easy-Fill Tire Alert system is an all-new control module that the company is phasing into redesigned models (such as the Altima). It works by alerting the driver to a low tire and, in some models, displaying the current pressure and tire(s) that require filling on the dashboard display.

Once a user begins filling a vehicle’s tires, the four-way flashers come on to confirm the filling process has started. When a given tire hits the appropriate pressure level, the horn sounds to let the person filling the tire that it has been properly inflated. If the driver tries to overfill the tire, the horn honks to indicate overinflation.

Nissan noted a NHTSA study that shows driving on underinflated tires increases the risk of an accident. The automaker also noted that drivers can improve fuel economy up to 3.3% by keeping tires properly inflated.