XL Hybrids Inc., a developer of a hybrid electric powertrain designed specifically for class 1-3 commercial fleet use, has released vehicle testing results that validate a 21.2% reduction in fuel consumption achieved with the company's aftermarket hybrid electric powertrain.

The tests were conducted on a light-duty chassis dynamometer test cell featuring a twin-roll Clayton dynamometer. The testing process compares fuel economy performance from the vehicle in its original condition with the performance using XL Hybrids' charge-sustaining hybrid system.

The test was completed using a Chevrolet 2500 Express cargo van fitted with the original equipment manufacturer's 4.8 liter engine and 6 speed transmission over the light-duty Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (UDDS) test cycle, which represents city or urban driving routes.

According to the company, XL Hybrids' hybrid electric powertrain is a low-cost, low-risk, bolt-on technology that integrates with the conventional internal combustion engine and transmission. With a 21.2% reduction in actual fuel consumed, the technology can provide a three-year payback in heavy-use fleet applications, or immediate savings when combined with vehicle financing.

"This test provides independent validation of our hybrid electric powertrain for fleet customers," said Justin Ashton, co-founder and VP of business development at XL Hybrids. "We exceeded our target of 20% fuel consumption reduction and our customers are seeing similar results in the ongoing field trials of our hybrid powertrain on their vehicles."

To learn more about the hybrid van specifications and about how to pilot test the hybrid technology, please visit www.xlhybrids.com.