IDTechEx has prepared an updated edition of the world's first encyclopedia on the present and future of electric vehicles and their components.

The "Electric Vehicle Encyclopedia" report is available through the Research and Markets section.

The encyclopedia is designed to provide clarity about all the acronyms and new terminology associated with electric vehicles. The report puts this into the context of the three generations of range extenders, the three generations of lithium-ion traction batteries, and the three levels of charging infrastructure, for example. As so many vehicle manufacturers now seek to make a wide variety of vehicles, the report covers electric vehicles by land, water, and air. This is also essential to those researching components and subsystems.

More than 100 tables and illustrations are featured, including many block diagrams and cross sections. The reference book is largely based on information from the latest IDTechEx events and reports on the subject and other expert sources. The focus is on easy access to useful information and the understanding of trends, benefits, and challenges now and in the future.

More than 200 acronyms and terms are explained. From your AUV to your AELDC, your KERS to your lithium sulfur, Mennekes plug and switched reluctance motor, it is all here. For example, motor torque and power are explained in terms of actual values for the various types of EV.