Kenworth will offer a 22.5-inch tire and wheel package and expanded wheelbase choices for the Kenworth K270 and K370 medium-duty cabovers, according to

With Kenworth's 22.5-inch tire and wheel package, the K270 Class 6 and K370 Class 7 cabovers match up to standard dock heights at pickup and delivery locations in several applications.

Depending on van body installation practices, the cab floor will be at approximately 50 inches up from the ground with an 11R 22.5-inch package. The K270 will also retain the 19.5-inch tire and wheel package as an alternative for customers that require a lower-step height and entry.

Kenworth will also expand the total wheelbase configurations available for the Kenworth K270 and K370. The new 22.5-inch tire and wheel package introduces a wheelbase range of 146 inches to 242 inches in 12-inch increments. The new longer wheelbase allows for up to a 28-foot van body installation, while the shorter wheelbase can accommodate a van body length down to 16 feet.

The cab-to-axle dimension now starts at 120 inches with variations up to 217 inches at a 242-inch wheelbase. The K270 with 19-1/2-inch tires and wheels receives four new wheelbase sizes, covering a range of 142 inches to 238 inches, also in 12-inch increments.