Sears Auto Center has announced a new service transaction authorization platform with Auto Integrate, a specialty provider of e-commerce solutions to the automotive service and fleet management industry.

The companies have teamed up to introduce an electronic authorization platform for Sears Commercial Fleet Maintenance customers, giving them a second option from Sears Auto Center to work with.

Operating in real time, Auto Integrate encompasses the entire business cycle:

  • Initial detailing and costing of required services by the supplier.
  • Automated authorization within pre-agreed parameters – estimated 70% of jobs are authorized immediately.
  • Workflow managed environment to expedite the referral of events.
  • Subsequent communications between the repairer and the fleet management company.
  • Validated billing and streamlining the payment and invoice handling processes of both parties – and as a result reducing invoice rejections and subsequent supplier write-offs.
  • Significantly reduced implementation and training demands.

“We see this type of service rising in the fleet management industry, and while we had already added our own option with LeasePlan being the first adopters, we recognize that our customers have preferences for both services and that there’s value in offering our customers choices,” said Joe Finney, SVP & President of Sears Automotive Group.

According to the companies, the service enables fleet management companies and suppliers to work with all of their trading partners on a single platform that is fully integrated within their existing business systems.

Last year, Sears Auto Center implemented an electronic work-order authorization program through LeasePlan’s eRepair system in approximately 800 Sears Auto Centers nationwide. The system was introduced to improve speed of service for fleet drivers by electronically streamlining the process and significantly reducing the amount of time required to obtain service authorizations.

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