Toyota won the 2013 Best Resale Value brand and Lexus the Best Resale Value luxury brand in Kelley Blue Book’s (KBB) annual Best Resale Value Awards. The awards are by brand and by vehicle segment, in which the full list of winners can be seen below.

KBB’s Best Resale Value Awards are based on projections from the "Kelley Blue Book Official Residual Value Guide" and look at current and forthcoming vehicles for their projected retained value throughout the initial five-year ownership period. The 2013 model-year vehicle winners were announced Nov. 26.

2013 Best Resale Value: Brand


2013 Best Resale Value: Luxury Brand


2013 Best Resale Value: By Vehicle Category

  • Subcompact Car: Honda Fit   
  • Compact SUV/Crossover: Jeep Wrangler
  • Compact Car: Honda Civic   
  • Mid-size SUV/Crossover: Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • Sporty Compact Car: Honda Civic Si   
  • Full-size SUV/Crossover: Toyota Sequoia
  • Mid-size Car: Honda Accord   
  • Luxury Compact SUV/Crossover: Infiniti EX
  • Full-size Car: Toyota Avalon   
  • Luxury Mid-size SUV/Crossover: Porsche Cayenne
  • Entry-Level Luxury Car: Lexus IS   
  • Luxury Full-size SUV/Crossover: Lexus LX
  • Luxury Car: Lexus GS 350   
  • Mid-size Pickup Truck: Toyota Tacoma
  • High-end Luxury Car: Porsche Panamera
  • Full-size Pickup Truck: Toyota Tundra
  • Sports Car: Chevrolet Camaro V6   
  • Minivan/Van: Toyota Sienna
  • High-performance Car: Chevrolet Camaro SS   
  • Hybrid Suv/Crossover: Lexus RX 450h
  • Hybrid/Alternative Energy Car: Ford Fusion   
  • Electric Vehicle: Chevrolet Volt   

2013 Best Resale Value: Top 10 Cars

  • Honda Civic   
  • Honda CR-V   
  • Jeep Wrangler   
  • Lexus LX
  • Porsche Cayenne   
  • Scion tC
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota 4Runner

"The competition for Best Resale Value within many segments has become very heated in the last few years, as major vehicle redesigns and new model introductions have challenged the traditional favorites," said Eric Ibara, director of residual consulting for KBB. "However, for the second year in a row, Toyota and Lexus retain the top Best Resale Value ranking for both non-luxury and luxury brands, based on the average 60-month residual value across all models in each brands' respective lineup. Combined, there is an impressive total of 12 Toyota and Lexus models bringing home 2013 Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards this year; half of the Top 10 models with Best Resale Value for 2013 hail from either Toyota or Lexus."

According to KBB, an average 2013 model-year vehicle only will retain about 38.6 percent of its original value after a five-year ownership period, meaning that a $50,000 new car today will only be worth somewhere close to $19,300 after five years. While much of a vehicle's resale value is based on supply and demand, as well as current and projected future market conditions, vehicles that retain their value best are rarely discounted and tend to generate high levels of consumer interest, KBB said.

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