The Roofing Contractors Association of California (RCAC) has named Auburn-based Flyers Energy as its preferred fuel supplier. Flyers will give a per-gallon discount to current members of the association.

RCAC primarily functions as an advocate for the roofing industry for legislative, regulatory and business affairs. "Much of what we do addresses the roofing industry as a whole. It's nice to offer a tangible benefit to individual members," says Marc Connerly, executive director for RCAC. "For many contractors the annual savings from the negotiated discount will cover the cost of association membership."

For small fleets, fueling can be complicated, even risky, as managers must closely manage employees, methods of payment and receipts, Flyers said. Electronic security features make fuel management more streamlined, eliminating some of the worry associated with employees fueling up company vehicles.

Security controls are programmed into the fuel cards and include parameters like time and day restrictions, gallon limits and e-receipts. "There's a benefit for even small fleets to use a commercial fuel account, especially with a negotiated deal. RCAC already did the work," said Lynn Olson, Flyers Energy director of cardlock.

According to Flyers Energy, the company offers fueling at 230,000 locations nationwide with the Flyers Fleet Card.