Hino Motors, Ltd., working together with Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), has developed an innovative, clean and highly fuel-efficient hybrid diesel truck, according to Ted J. Fick, senior vice president of Hino. The new model integrates the advanced technologies of both companies, including Hino's low-pollution diesel engine and TMC's hybrid system and catalytic converter system for diesel vehicles, according to Fick. "The environmental measures we incorporated in our new model are groundbreaking for a truck," Fick said. "Its greatly improved fuel efficiency is designed to reduce CO2 emissions for global environmental preservation and for urban environmental preservation; it greatly reduces emissions when driving in towns and cities." The new diesel truck was developed to produce exceptionally clean emissions when driving in urban areas: 1/10 currently regulated levels when used with low (50ppm) sulfur content fuel. The truck also gets roughly 1.5 times the fuel efficiency of conventional models, to create mechanical transmission-free smooth, easy driving, and to use the motor in optimum situations during urban driving to enable a high degree of quietness, according to Fick. The companies are now putting their newly developed diesel trucks through their paces in pre-production testing. About Hino Motors, Ltd. Hino Motors, Ltd. develops, manufactures and markets diesel trucks and buses. Hino has held the top position in the Japanese market for medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks for 25 years running. Hino Diesel Trucks (USA), Inc., was the first Japanese truck and bus manufacturer to enter the United States market and has been an active participant in the North America market for 15 years.