CoPilot 2001, now being shipped by TravRoute, offers a variety of new features designed to make getting anywhere a breeze, according to company officials. "This advanced GPS navigation system is guaranteed to improve productivity, reduce costs, and save time on the road," said Troy Ewanchyna, vice president of marketing at TravRoute. CoPilot 2001 runs on a laptop computer in any vehicle and is the newest edition to the CoPilot line of navigation solutions. Core technology includes voice recognition, pinpoint accurate GPS satellite tracking, and dynamic route recalculation. New and improved features include: User Interface: * Easy to use fourth generation user interface is designed for drivers, not computer experts, with concise displays and large menu buttons. * New “Smart Map” feature automatically displays a detailed map of each upcoming intersection to confirm one’s route across confused, congested interchanges. * One-key entry for home or work addresses and quick access to “favorites” list. * Destinations can even be entered using Longitude and Latitude coordinates. GPS Hardware: * CoPilot 2001’s new pinpoint accurate GPS receiver is less than 3” in diameter. * Single cable and optional USB connectivity allow easy set up and disassembly. Database: * Offers over 3 million updated points of interest in 90+ categories. * Provides better routing with updated one-way street, and highway interchange data. “As GPS navigation systems become more widespread, there are new users who may not be as familiar with computers,” Ewanchyna said. “CoPilot 2001 is designed to get drivers on their way as easily as possible, without spending a lot of time familiarizing themselves with the system. It’s the plug-and-play of GPS route guidance.” Available for $399, CoPilot 2001 comes with a 3” diameter GPS receiver, a nationwide map database with more than 100 million U.S. addresses, a mounting kit, and a single power cable. For more information, visit