Motorola, an early leader in wireless text messaging, continues to offer a broad portfolio of two-way handheld devices which bring personal technology to everyone who needs to stay connected while on the go, according to Mike Pellon, vice president and general manager of wireless messaging at Motorola. "From business people who demand access to co-workers and information vital to the job, to families who need to coordinate hectic schedules and teens who plan each day based on their wireless social connections, Motorola is delivering full-functioning, reliable and cost-effective products to this rapidly expanding market," Pellon said. "The scope of the wireless messaging marketplace has evolved, as consumers demand faster connectivity, more versatility, more functions and Internet access from their handheld devices," Pellon said "As an industry leader, it's Motorola's job to develop new products that meet individual needs and untether people from their PCs to allow them to communicate while on the go, wirelessly." Talk Without Talking Designed to complement today's active, social, on-the-go lifestyles, the Talkabout personal communicator, model T900, is a compact keyboard-based device that enables users to send and receive text messages and Internet e-mail -- as well as request up-to-date information from the World Wide Web -- all from the palm of a hand. Since the pocket-sized Talkabout T900 was introduced six months ago, Motorola has shipped approximately half a million units -- one of the fastest adoption rates in the history of the industry, according to company officials. With a large presence in retail stores this holiday season, the Talkabout T900 is being sold by a number of outlets for $79-$99 after mail-in rebate offers - a price point as much as 70 percent lower than competing wireless email devices currently on the market. Exchanging text messages and wireless e-mail is now as easy as flipping open the Talkabout T900 and sending a message from its full QWERTY keyboard. With the Talkabout T900, users can communicate to anyone with an Internet e-mail address, a pager, another two-way Motorola product or any other wireless device that has e-mail capability. Its mega-sized built-in address book stores information on 250 contacts, including e-mail addresses, pager and mobile phone numbers. The Info-on-Demand feature enables users to request and receive customized information from the Internet via their wireless carrier on the traffic, weather, movie show times and more. E-Connect with PDA For business users with more complex communications needs, the Timeport personal interactive communicator model P935 delivers wireless data and computing functionality, remaining connected to the wireless network for immediate notification and exchange of e-mail messages, pages and Internet-based information. It incorporates a contact and calendar manager, interfaces with enterprise and desktop computers and offers customizable add-on software applications to meet an array of business needs. With the Timeport P935, users can "e-connect" to their corporate or personal databases wirelessly, requesting and receiving up-to- the-minute facts, figures and information from the web. And, with its infrared (IrDA) compatible port, transferring, receiving and exchanging schedule and contact/address book information from a compatible PC, other Timeport P935s, as well as other IrDA capable products such as Palm organizers is also easy. This capability also lets users beam information to selected IrDA-compliant printers, and then print out the information while on the go. For the busy professional user, the Timeport P935 becomes an indispensable all-in-one device that combines wireless text messaging, wireless computing and PIM functionality with complete synchronization. What sets this unit apart is its operating system - the Timeport P935 utilizes Motorola's WisdomT Operating System, 4.0, a developer-friendly software platform for portable messaging products that provides support for messaging-related applications and offers more efficient use of the device's memory and battery life. The Wisdom OS enables the device to be customized and upgraded by individual users, who can download compatible add-on software applications that perform a broad range of productivity functions. There are currently over 30 software applications available for the Timeport P935 - more than any other wireless product of its kind. ReFLEX® Protocol: Cutting-Edge Technology Embraced by network operators and subscribers alike, Motorola's ReFLEX® protocol, which brings high-speed wireless data delivery to handheld devices, continues to grow the two-way messaging industry. ReFLEX networks offer unparalleled high-speed nationwide network coverage that extends the reach of two-way messaging services to small cities and recreational areas. Delivering reliable coverage inside most buildings, the ReFLEX protocol provides wireless communications for today's mobile lifestyle -- people on the move from place to place can depend on consistent coverage, according to Pellon. Motorola recently announced the shipment of its one millionth ReFLEX device, and anticipates that there will be more than one million subscribers by the end of the year. With a choice of several nationwide network operators, Motorola's ReFLEX-protocol based devices are widely available with an array of service plans. More information can be found at