According to industry analysts, gas prices are going to rise dramatically in the next few weeks. How can fleet operators combat the escalating costs? Businesses could suffer tremendously, especially delivery and service businesses that need to get to customer sites all day long. If they cut back on driving, they cut back on revenue -- unless they are using route optimization software like Visual Control Room from InterGis. The automated routing, scheduling and dispatching software can cut up to 25 percent of miles driven for almost any kind of delivery or service, according to InterGis officials. In addition to saving money by optimizing routes and miles driven, Visual Control Room automates the time-intensive tasks of manual dispatch and scheduling to save the average company up to 75 percent of time spent on these procedures. It can also improve customer relations by providing accurate arrival time projections, InterGis officials say. Visual Control Room includes real-time management, invoicing, customer relationship management, inventory, and communications capabilities. It interfaces with GPS systems to track vehicles and mobile communications devices to maintain constant contact with the field force. The graphically-driven system can be used in Web, server-based, or individual workstation environments. According to InterGis, a fleet traveling 5,000 miles per month can save 25 percent in fuel costs yearly due to route optimization. That equals about $2,250 per year at 5,000 miles per month and $1.50 a gallon, according to InterGis estimates. About InterGis InterGis develops computer technology and systems for scheduling, mapping, routing, dispatching, customer service, field communications, and general business support. Its systems are designed to deliver productivity increases with improved customer service and profitability for businesses that need to get service technicians, people, or products delivered to field work sites and customer locations. Visual Control Room is fully multi-user and can be used in conjunction with existing computer applications that a company may be using or function as a complete standalone business information system with optional comprehensive back office capabilities. Visual Control Room is available as a standalone desktop system, as a client server system, or on the Internet. The privately held firm is located in Torrington, Conn. For more information about Visual Control Room, contact InterGis at 860-496-4900, visit, or write InterGis, PO Box 899, Torrington, CT 06790.