Spear Technologies, Inc. announced on May 7 at the American Public Transportation Association's annual Bus Conference that Release 2.6 of its Spear 2000(TM) eMaintenance software used for maintenance and materials management by transportation providers, is available for immediate shipment. According to Spear, Release 2.6 is an important upgrade including new features and enhancements that increase time savings and improve usability. Two new express functions have been added to Materials Manager(TM). A maintenance worker can request a part using the new "Express Request," which automatically creates a materials request and prints a Pick List. The new "Express Issue" function is used by a storekeeper to quickly and efficiently issue parts from open items on a Pick List. Other Materials Manager enhancements include improved cycle counting, physical inventory, and warehouse bin location. Spear 2000 Work Manager(TM) offers new automated features in Facilities Control, timekeeping, and work orders. Release 2.6 also incorporates several architectural changes that will enable the introduction of a whole new generation of software from Spear Technologies. "The transportation industry already recognizes Spear 2000 as the most robust eMaintenance software for large moving assets," said Mike Thomas, chairman of Spear Technologies. "We won't rest on our reputation. We are dedicated to the transportation industry. Our R&D group is already working on the next generation of Spear software which will raise the standard for the industry." About Spear Technologies Spear Technologies, Inc., provides eMaintenance software to the transportation industry, serving customers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Denmark, and through authorized international distributors. For more information, call (415) 836-0090 or e-mail marketing@speartechnologies.com.