According to the Urban Mobility Report released this week, the average American spends 36 hours per year stuck in traffic, up from 11 hours in 1982. The study found the total congestion "bill" for the top 68 cities in 1999 came to $78 billion in lost worker productivity, 4.5 billion hours of wasted consumer time and 6.8 billion gallons of wasted fuel. With traffic headaches increasing year over year,, an Internet automotive classifieds destination and marketplace, offers these tips to pass the time while you're stuck behind the wheel or alternatively, how to avoid getting caught in traffic in the first place. How to Avoid Getting Stuck in Traffic 1. Telecommute. Working from home saves gas, keeps one less vehicle off the road and could improve productivity. 2. Listen to traffic reports before hitting the road. Tuning in to local TV or radio stations for updates on congested roads allows you to take an alternate route to destinations. 3. Carpool. Sharing a ride as little as once a week allows you to use the HOV lane, which could cut drive time in half. 4. Use mass transportation/ride a bike/walk. Public transportation (or using your own two feet) to get from place to place reduces the amount of emissions and pollutants in the air. 5. Plan driving times during off-peak hours. Use your vehicle during times when the roads aren't being used to commute. Wear and tear on your car is reduced due to reducing the need constant stopping and starting. And the time wasted by not sitting in traffic can never be replaced. How to Pass Time During Rush Hour 1. Exercise. Neckrolls or upper body stretches are good ways to relieve tension and warm up muscles. Stretching hands can also aid in the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome. 2. Learn a foreign language. Pop in an audio book or CD in the stereo and become bilingual. This time you can't use the excuse that you're too busy. 3. Familiarize yourself with your car. If you've never cracked open the owner's manual, pull it out of the glove compartment and learn what makes your car tick. You might finally discover what that red flashing light means on the instrument panel. 4. Study a map. Discover a new route to take next time so you won't get caught in stopped traffic in the first place. 5. Clean the car's interior. Wipe down the dashboard, organize the gas receipts or put the CDs back in the right sleeves. Keeping your surroundings tidy does wonders for your subconscious when sitting in traffic. About After achieving critical mass in 2000, has established itself as a major source for consumers to visit when making a new or used vehicle purchase or sale. Visit to access information such as price comparisons, safety tips, financing, insurance or warranty information.