SiGEM and GenRad Inc., on May 9 announced their intent to offer a business-to-business telematics solution that incorporates diagnostic capabilities. Using wireless communications, fleet managers will be able to remotely predict vehicle maintenance at the first sign of trouble, according to the two companies. SiGEM, a global supplier of equipment and software enabling a wide range of location-based services for commercial fleets, offers telematics devices with on-board diagnostics capability that connect directly to the computer system of all vehicles built after 1996. GenRad, a manufacturer of performance-assurance technologies, including diagnostic and manufacturing solutions for transportation OEMs and independent service providers, will provide the interface to translate vehicle status information gathered by SiGEM's devices for wireless transmission to a Web-based monitoring service. This data can then be used for a host of applications including remote assist, diagnostics and vehicle condition monitoring, according to Herb Woods, president and CEO of SiGEM. "The most exciting thing about this partnership is the immediate market potential for our combined technologies," Woods said. "Fleet managers around the world will benefit from substantial repair cost savings and will be able to keep vehicles on the road longer. These two things alone are generating a lot of excitement. In addition, our combined solution allows for analysis of vehicle usage. The information will have a ripple effect on the automotive industry because the analysis benefits fleet managers and their vendors." "Telematics is a major component in the future of diagnostics," said Peter Miles, GenRad's managing director of diagnostic solutions. "The ability to determine a problem is good, but predicting and pre-empting a problem is even better. Now, thanks to the GenRad/SiGEM partnership, fleet managers have less to worry about. They can keep thousands of vehicles on the road, without spending excessive time and money keeping their assets safe." About GenRad GenRad Inc. develops, manufactures and markets performance-assurance technologies. GenRad's primary global markets for OEM and contract manufacturers include computers, advanced telecommunications for e-commerce and Internet services, and diagnostic systems for the transportation/automotive industry. GenRad is comprised of four business units bringing to market integrated hardware, software and service solutions that empower always-on services and uninterruptable business applications: - Diagnostic Solutions focuses on service bay and manufacturing solutions for transportation OEMs and independent service providers. - Process Solutions focuses on in-circuit test, x-ray test, and re-work solutions as well as plant and line management solutions for electronic product manufacturers. - Functional Solutions focuses on functional test platforms for manufacturers of telecommunications, computers and automotive electronics. - Support and Services focuses on maintenance programs, on-site and remote support, programming services, and training to help customers optimize their hardware and software solutions. Founded in 1915, GenRad employs 1400 people and maintains its worldwide headquarters in Westford, Mass. The company's Web address is About SiGEM SiGEM (, based in Ottawa, Canada, with offices in the U.S. and the UK, develops and markets the ePiNG family of hardware, software and services for a variety of wireless location-based applications. With more than 20 years experience in location-based fleet management and more than 125,000 units installed to date, SiGEM is a force in the emerging telematics market.