N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides, a publisher of appraisal guides for used-vehicle values, has launched its New Car Configurator, available at its Web site, www.nadaguides.com. The NADAguides.com New Car Configurator is designed to take the guesswork out of building a new vehicle by allowing consumers the ability to build the car of their choice through the selection of “available-only” option packages for any given new vehicle at any given time. The NADAguides.com New Car Configurator also provides consumers with accurate pricing information, an extremely easy-to-use interface, and a wealth of relevant data specific to the new vehicle of their choice, according to Lenny Sims, vice president and general manager of N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides. “It’s really frustrating for consumers to begin building a new vehicle on the Internet, selecting the options they want, only to find out that the options they’ve selected aren’t available on the new car they’re interested in buying,” Sims said. “When we developed our configurator, we specifically designed the selection tools to offer only those options available on a particular new vehicle. We felt it was more important to give consumers the information they need up-front versus bogging down the process with irrelevant data.” In addition to building new vehicles with realistic options, consumers are able to research specifications and pricing information for their vehicle of choice, according to Sims. They can also compare similar models side-by-side and receive multiple price quotes from multiple retailers in their area, if they choose to do so. According to Sims, N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides has long been regarded as a leader in used-vehicle values by trade professionals and industry specialists nationwide. The company launched its Web site, www.nadaguides.com, to offer consumers comprehensive and accurate used-vehicle values on the Internet, free-of-charge. “With over 68 years experience in the vehicle value publishing business, we’ve already established our reputation as the leader in used vehicle data,” Sims said. “Who better than N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides to the lead the way in providing consumers with the new-car tools they need to realistically and accurately build and price vehicles from the ground up?” About N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides bills itself as the world’s largest publisher of appraisal guides for used-vehicle values, including cars, trucks, vans, classic and collectible cars, boats, RV’s, motorcycles, yachts, luxury motor homes and airplanes. NADAguides.com (www.nadaguides.com), launched in February 2000, provides comprehensive value information for anything that rolls, floats or flies. NADAguides.com also provides vehicle value information to consumers who are interested in learning about the real retail worth of a particular vehicle in today’s market.