Quick Fuel Fleet Services has announced that many of its automated fleet fueling stations now accept the EFS card. In addition to accepting its proprietary Advantage and Advantage Plus cards, Quick Fuel facilities accept most major national fuel cards, including Comchek, Wright Express, Fuelman and EFS, making it one of the most flexible commercial fueling companies in the industry, according to company officials. Quick Fuel operates more than 50 unattended stations throughout the Midwest and South. The EFS card is accepted at selected facilities in Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. The card will also be accepted at Quick Fuel's locations in Florida and Texas, which are currently under construction and are scheduled to open this summer. About Quick Fuel Fleet Services Quick Fuel says it provides commercial fleets with a competitive advantage by lowering bottom line fuel costs and increasing fleet efficiency. Customers fuel and return to the road in minutes using Quick Fuel's satellite high-speed dispensers. Quick Fuel offers fleets a rapidly-expanding network of fueling facilities, on-site truck-to-truck refueling, and other customized fueling services. Quick Fuel Fleet Services is a joint venture between Jacobus Energy Inc. and Exxon Mobil Corp. Fleet managers can call Quick Fuel at 1-800-522-6287 to be preapproved to use Quick Fuel's automated fueling facilities.