Magnet Paints, a provider of premium fleet-refinishing and industrial maintenance products since 1915, has announced the availability of its Magnacryl Series 9000 Acrylic Enamels, which it says are specially formulated to help preserve automotive, truck and commercial fleets. According to Magnet Paints, fleet managers can now enjoy durability levels on par with name brand paints, at a cost-savings of 30 to 60 percent. Magnet says its Series 9000 enamels are for making repairs, preventive maintenance, or refinishing utility vehicles, buses, taxis and light-duty trucks, trailers and vans, providing durability and attractive color and gloss to vehicles that must represent a company's image. According to Magnet, its acrylic enamels help resist corrosion while standing up to repeated washings. "We sandblast and repaint every kind of vehicle imaginable," said Mike Redler, owner of GNR Sandblaster, based in Halifax, Mass. "We repaint everything with Magnet Paints and are very pleased with the results and the cost savings. I've got about 10 different companies trying to sell me paint, but they can't beat what I'm already getting with Magnet." Unlike some enamels, Magnacryl Series 9000 allows application via conventional air, airless or HVLP spray equipment, according to Magnet. Additionally, the 9000 Series paints can be applied over competitors' primers, while Magnet Paints' rust- and corrosion-inhibiting metal primers can accept other manufacturer's topcoats. "We believe that maintaining a fleet's appearance should be as simple as possible," says Eric Rosenthal, vice president of Magnet Paints. "By offering an uncomplicated and flexible range of paint products, at discount prices, busy fleet managers can quickly select the paint they need and move on, confident that they obtained great protection at a great price." As the name suggests, Magnet says its paints resolutely adhere to a variety of surfaces to ensure long-lived protection, thanks to durability, acid and alkali chemical resistance, fastness to weathering, high opacity, resistance to abrasion and extraordinary heat stability. According to Rosenthal, Series 9000 paints offer rich color strength and a broad spectrum of hues from which to select. "In conjunction with optional additives such as Magnet Paints' 79HS Catalyst, surfaces coated with Series 9000 paints take on a super wet look to add luster to any vehicle," Rosenthal said. Magnet also offers a complete line of reducers to fit temperature and application conditions ranging from 50-85 degrees F and above. Environmentally conscious, Series 9000 acrylic enamels emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of less than 3.5 lbs. per gallon. According to Magnet, all its finishes are free from lead and chromate hazards. For more information about Magnet Paints' complete line of metal-coating products, or to inquire about a distribution arrangement, contact Magnet Paints at 336 Bayview Avenue, Amityville, New York, NY 11701; (800) 922-9981; fax (631) 842-8222, or visit