Engelhard Corp.’s DPX™ catalytic particulate filter has been approved for inclusion in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program. The DPX filter was approved for use in all on-highway, 4-stroke heavy-duty diesel engines in combination with ultra low-sulfur diesel fuel (less than 30 ppm S). This is the third Engelhard technology verified for use in the Program and the one offering the highest levels of emission reduction. The approval means that states will be able to claim state implementation plan (SIP) credits for retrofitting heavy-duty diesels with DPX filters. EPA established the Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program to create an incentive for states to begin cleaning up diesel pollution immediately, even though new federal emission standards for diesel engines will not begin to take effect until 2004. Under the program, state air quality planners can work with diesel fleet operators to choose verified technologies that will reduce emissions from the diesel vehicles in their fleets. States determine the amount of SIP credits to which they are entitled based upon the pollution-control technologies implemented. A list of potential funding sources is available from EPA to help offset the costs associated with diesel retrofits. The credit allowed for retrofitting with the DPX filter will be a 60 percent reduction in particulate matter, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions; however, actual reductions are typically greater than 80 percent for CO and HC and greater than 90 percent for particulate matter, according to Engelhard officials. Engelhard says its DPX filter is especially effective for controlling particulate matter, which has been implicated in a variety of adverse health effects, including lung damage, respiratory problems, and even cancer. DPX filters use a patented catalytic technology to continuously burn particulates at normal diesel operating exhaust temperatures. In this process, the diesel particulate is converted to carbon dioxide and water. DPX filters also reduce emissions of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons including polyaromatic hydrocarbons and other pollutants classified as toxic. They feature a simple design for easy installation and are made of stainless steel to promote long service life. DPX filters offer low pressure-drop, which minimizes backpressure. About Engelhard Corporation Engelhard Corp. is a surface and materials science company that develops technologies to improve customers’ products and processes. A Fortune 500 company, Engelhard is a provider of technologies for environmental, process, appearance and performance applications. For more information on the company, visit www.engelhard.com. For more information on DPX catalytic particulate filters or the EPA Voluntary Diesel Retrofit Program, contact Barry Bambo, Engelhard sales manager, at (732) 205-7277 or barry.bambo@engelhard.com.