In response to requests of the membership of the National Business Travel Association, the Institute of Business Travel Management (ITBM) has conducted a comprehensive salary and benefits survey for corporate travel management. The research was conducted in the spring of 2001 and focused on three primary areas: responsibilities, compensation, and benefits. The report was designed to allow individuals to compare compensation levels and benefits with their peers. IBTM contracted with Industry Insights, a professional research and consulting firm, to conduct the research and to compare: - Compensation based on title, geography, corporate size, years' experience, T&E budget, and more. - Responsibilities by title and corporate size. - Retirement plans, stock options and other incentives/bonuses. - Other benefits including insurance, leave, professional training and more. Survey highlights include: - Average total compensation for all respondents is $74,073. - Compensation showed a clear correlation with sales volume of the employing company, size of travel and entertainment budget, and years of travel management experience. - Overall, 63 percent of respondents were either satisfied (49 percent) or very satisfied (14 percent) with their compensation. - The vast majority of respondents reported spending their time on a variety of strategic responsibilities, including negotiating with travel vendors, administering corporate travel programs, developing and administering travel policy, evaluating new technology, benchmarking, and budgeting. - Ninety percent or more of respondents received all of the major types of insurace, the majority requiring a joint contribution by the employee and employer. - The average respondent reported receiving nearly four weeks' vacation and two weeks' sick leave. To obtain a copy of the report, or for more information, visit