Sunglasses for car windshields? Though it seems a futuristic idea, inventor Larry Reina has current patent approval for an automatic sun visor for automobiles. And he’s looking to share future success and licensing rights with an interested manufacturer. The auto visor is an idea whose time has come. Unlike the present-day sun visor, the auto visor can be used at the push of a switch instead of a flick of the wrist. Whoever needs more shade, the driver or the passenger can adjust the auto visor to accommodate their need for more shade or more sun. Patent approval for the auto visor means that any company with the licensing rights can choose the material to manufacture it such as tinted Plexiglas or plastic. The auto visor device operates by a switch located on the steering wheel, within easy reach of the driver, allowing hands-free adjustment. The visor or sunshade can be lowered on either driver or passenger’s side of the windshield, thus providing as much coverage and protection from both the sun’s glare and from harmful UV rays. The visor can be lowered as little or as much as is needed, depending upon weather conditions. As well, the auto visor can be let down completely when the driver leaves the car, for short or long periods, thus preventing harmful rays from penetrating the car’s interior components and heating up all the surfaces. The patented auto visor is hidden between the interior and exterior roof of the vehicle. Staying hidden until it is needed, the auto visor comes down the interior windshield as much as needed to prevent sun or light from causing an irritating glare. No more getting into a hot car in warm weather or when the sun beats down. Preserving the auto’s interior components is another function of the auto-visor. An added feature is the control afforded to the front-seat passenger, whose sun tolerance may differ from the driver’s as the auto-visor can be separately operated. The small standard sun shields atop the automobile’s inside windshield will be a thing of the past, according to Reina. Reina is seeking interested manufacturers, companies, individuals or venture capitalists who may wish to hitch a ride on the auto-visor drive into the waiting marketplace. For information, e-mail or call (845) 832-3586.