Wavemakers(TM) on Aug. 29 announced, from the Intel Developers Forum, the release of the latest version of their voice optimization software, ClearStream(TM). By separating voice from noise, ClearStream v3 works in conjunction with automatic speech recognition software (ASR) to let consumers take advantage of convenient voice user interfaces found on today's small, portable communications devices, such as personal digital assistants, Pocket PCs, cell phones and tablets. Wavemakers calls ClearStream v3 the only single-channel solution on the market that separates voice from noise in both close-talk (with a headset) and far-field (without a headset) situations. Now available for embedded devices, this technology offers developers increased design flexibility for a wider range of applications, according to Wavemakers. Extensive testing demonstrates ClearStream’s ‘pure’ speech signal improves the accuracy of leading commercial automatic speech recognition engines by up to 45 percent, reducing ASR errors by up to 100 percent, according to Peter van der Gracht, Wavemakers' chair and CEO. “By increasing ClearStream’s flexibility, precision and power, we are advancing the ability of computers and devices to accurately understand and respond to voice commands,” van der Gracht said. “In high-noise environments, voice recognition accuracy hovers at a dismal 50 percent. With ClearStream, that percentage rises to 91.1 percent, elevating voice interfaces from a frustrating user experience to a positive one.” Version 3 Advancements ClearStream v3’s algorithms now easily recover drop-outs and handle sudden increases in noise found in real-world environments, according to van der Gracht. "ClearStream’s enhanced voice detection capabilities translate into better detection of the start and finish of speech in noisy environments, especially when removing transient noises," van der Gracht said. "ClearStream can now also remove background babble by learning the target user’s voice level and removing non-target speech significantly below that level." In addition, the integration of Wavemakers’ new EchoBlock(TM) module with ClearStream enables barge-in for command-and-control environments, and allows full duplex communication for hands-free voice applications, according to van der Gracht. About Wavemakers Wavemakers develops and markets voice optimization software to realize the goal of using voice as the primary interface driving computers, PDAs, Pocket PCs, phones, tablets and consumer electronics. Wavemakers’ ClearStream enables machines to distinguish human voices from background and transient noise, even in high-noise environments. Founded in 1993, Wavemakers is a privately held corporation based in Vancouver, Canada. For more information, visit www.wavemakers.com.