WirelessCar, a global business-to-business provider of telematics services, on Sept. 10 announced that NEXIQ Technologies, a provider of vehicle diagnostic products and telematics solutions for the commercial vehicle industry, has selected WirelessCar's telematics infrastructure for its NEXIQ eTechnician service program. The telematics infrastructure is a combination of WirelessCar's Universal Telematics Network and Aether Fusionä, the wireless technology foundation of Aether Systems Inc. Together, the companies say they will provide wireless connectivity, service integration, customer care, and billing for the eTechnician service program, a real-time, wireless command and control service program for managing fleet vehicle operations and diagnostics. According to officials of the companies, WirelessCar's telematics platform integrated with Aether's wireless infrastructure will insulate NEXIQ from the complexity of communicating between diverse wireless technologies by automatically integrating and standardizing information from any worldwide telematics equipment, network carrier and content or service provider. This allows NEXIQ to focus on their core competencies while bringing their products and services to market faster, more cost effective, and on a global basis, according to Jan Hellaker, president and CEO of WirelessCar. "The WirelessCar mission is to deliver integrated telematics services to global automotive and commercial fleet companies," Hellaker said. "NEXIQ has a 20-year history of providing a complete range of diagnostic and repair solutions for commercial vehicles and has a comprehensive understanding of heavy truck diagnostics. The eTechnician service program offers a strong value proposition to global truck manufacturers and large commercial fleets, and WirelessCar is excited about being part of this offering." "We feel strongly that WirelessCar's Universal Telematics Network is the optimum telematics platform for our eTechnician telematics service," said John Allard, NEXIQ chairman and CEO. "It is a very robust solution for delivering global connectivity and billing services. The WirelessCar Universal Telematics Network (UTN) eliminates complexity among diverse wireless technologies. It automatically integrates and standardizes information from all worldwide telematics equipment, network carriers and content or service providers. This lets us deliver our telematics solutions and services to market faster, more cost efficiently and on a global basis. We're delighted that two industry leaders, WirelessCar and Aether Systems, are working with us to make eTechnician an easily accessible, function-rich, universal service set." "The WirelessCar Universal Telematics Network, integrated with Aether's wireless technology will assist NEXIQ to change the way businesses manage fleet vehicle operations," said Bill Hannon, vice president of transportation and logistics at Aether. "Aether is dedicated to delivering on the promise of wireless and our partnership with WirelessCar will enhance our ability to reinforce the benefits of wireless to the telematics industry." About WirelessCar WirelessCar, a global company involved in integrated telematics services, focuses on offering connectivity, service integration, and administration and billing solutions to vehicle manufacturers, commercial fleets, and aftermarket system suppliers. The company says its telematics platform supports a wide range of programs and services including emergency and roadside assistance, navigation guidance, remote vehicle diagnostics and fleet management. The WirelessCar Universal Telematics Network (UTN) eliminates the complexity of communicating between diverse technologies by automatically integrating and standardizing information from any telematics equipment platform, network carrier, or content/service provider. WirelessCar was founded by three European companies: Ericsson, a provider of telecom and data solutions; the Volvo Group, a vehicle manufacturer; and Telia, an operator of fixed and wireless networks. WirelessCar is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company's North America headquarters is located in Irvine, Calif. Additional information is available at www.wirelesscar.com. About NEXIQ NEXIQ Technologies is a provider of transportation diagnostic products and wireless, Internet-based telematics solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. The company says it is creating an extensive technical infrastructure by partnering with premier telecommunications transportation and technology companies and by drawing on 20 years of intellectual property ownership and diagnostic expertise in the transportation industry. As a result, the company says it is uniquely qualified to deliver comprehensive telematics solutions to leading fleet operators, truck leasing companies, truck manufacturers, component manufacturers and dealer service centers in the commercial vehicle market. Through eTechnician, fleet managers are able to access truck data in real-time with applications such as driver performance monitoring, billing odometer reading, pre-arrival diagnostics, fuel consumption management and warranty monitoring among others. They can also perform remote parameter changes as needed. The company's eTechnician solution, delivered through an ASP business model, is the first to unite service bays, vehicles and fleet operations, according to NEXIQ. NEXIQ says eTechnician provides real-time command and control of vehicle data, improving the ability to manage fleet operations, to perform maintenance and location tracking from a remote central facility. NEXIQ world headquarters is in Manchester, N.H. Product and service operations are located in Sterling Heights, Mich., with significant software operations in Coralville, Iowa. About Aether Systems, Inc. Aether Systems says it helps enterprise customers improve efficiency and profitability by providing the services, software and support necessary to extend existing and future business applications from the desktop to any wireless device. Through Aether Fusion(TM), Aether's wireless enabling technology foundation, Aether develops, deploys and manages wireless solutions built on industry standard technology and backed by Aether's expertise in wireless hosting, software and services. For more information, visit www.aethersystems.com.