InterGis LLC has announced the release of SelectRoute, a new Internet-connected solution of its popular routing, scheduling and dispatching software for small to mid-sized companies with field service and delivery options. SelectRoute offers the affordability of pay-as-you-go use for companies that do not have the need for robust in-house software installation.

SelectRoute allows a company to automate the routing, scheduling, dispatching and tracking of service vehicles, technicians or equipment. The company can run its service and delivery options anytime, anywhere from an Internet connection. By optimizing the scheduling, routing and dispatching of product pickups and deliveries or service-related activities based on miles, costs, customer needs, work rules and other criteria, SelectRoute enables the user to cut costs on fuel and travel time by as much as 25 percent, while improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Providing up-to-date information regarding the location of trucks or service technicians, the system has the capability to inform customers of scheduled arrival times, as well as changes in schedules. SelectRoute also performs resource management for representatives, vehicles and workforce activities. The system reports planned vs. actual drive times, arrival times, and work times on a real-time and historical basis.

Users access SelectRoute through the Internet via a special secure access process to run their routing, scheduling and dispatching operations on an as-needed basis. A key advantage of SelectRoute is that multiple users can simultaneously access and update the system from multiple sites.

Depending on the functions required, the cost of SelectRoute ranges from $50-$100 per vehicle, per month, with an additional set-up and training fee. Typically, companies can reduce their operating expenses by $500 or more, per month, per vehicle by using SelectRoute. For more information, contact InterGis at 860-496-4900,, or InterGis, PO Box 899, Torrington, CT 06790.