PuraDYN Filter Technologies Inc. has announced a distribution agreement with World Class Engineered Products of Redford, Mich. The announcement was made by Kevin G. Kroger, president/COO of puraDYN. “The substantial cost saving and environmental benefits available to companies with manufacturing equipment makes Detroit an important market for puraDYN,” Kroger said. “As a leader in commodities management, World Class Engineered Products has the ability to sell our product to companies in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, transportation and construction.” World Class Engineered Products is a commodities management and hydraulic equipment distribution company with large manufacturing clients in the metro-Detroit area. In addition to selling puraDYN® filters for use on stationary hydraulic equipment, World Class Engineered Products is also marketing puraDYN’s filters to Detroit-area private and municipal truck fleets, heavy equipment companies and marine businesses. PuraDYN is the only bypass oil filtration system World Class Engineered Products sells to its customers. “Initial tests with our manufacturing clients indicate that puraDYN’s filters will allow them to extend the life of their hydraulic oil two or three times longer than normal," said Eric Meyer, outside sales account manager with World Class Engineered Products. “We are marketing puraDYN’s filters as an economical way for our clients to save time and money associated with the constant replacement of hydraulic and lubricating oil.” About puraDYN puraDYN manufactures and markets the puraDYN By-Pass Oil Filtration System, a unit that it says continuously filters lubricating and hydraulic oil by reducing solid contaminants down to 0.25 micron, as well as removing liquid contaminants, therefore maintaining the oil’s viscosity and greatly reducing or even eliminating the necessity for oil changes. As a result of this continuous process, puraDYN says the useful engine and hydraulic system life can be extended. According to puraDYN, the system is effective for internal combustion engines, hydraulic applications and automatic transmissions in the automotive, transportation, construction, marine, agriculture, mining, military and power generating industries. In addition to the economies realized by the reduced purchases of new oil and the costs of disposing of used oil (up to 90 percent, according to puraDYN) and extended equipment life, the puraDYN By-Pass Oil Filtration System has been certified as a "Pollution Preventing Technology" by the California Environmental Protection Agency. For more information on puraDYN Filter Technologies Inc., visit www.puradyn.com.