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COVID-19 Resource Center


COVID-19 Resource Center

Automotive Fleet's coverage of the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic plus useful resources, all in one place. We will be updating this page as we add new COVID-19 content.

Full Coverage

Workhorse Hit with COVID-19, Revises Volume Targets

Workhorse unveiled the C-650 step van at the 2020 Work Truck Show in March.

The maker of commercial electric vehicles won’t meet its projected production target of 300-400 vehicles in 2020 in part due to more than 36% of its production-related staff having contracted the coronavirus or quarantined awaiting results.

GM Develops Workplace Safety Tech

he new technologies include an automated kiosk for temperature scanning, software for contact...

General Motors has developed new technology to aid workplace safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the company is sharing its innovations with the world for potential use in job sites as diverse as manufacturing plants, offices, or even schools.