The new program provides competitive, consistent priciing for fleets operating under 100 units,...

Michelin Enhances Small Commercial Fleets Advantage Program

Michelin has enhanced its Advantage program for small fleets, which is available to truck fleets of less than 100 power units as well as fleets using bus, RV, light-truck, car, and construction tires.

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Specialty vehicle maker Cinema Vehicles decked out two 1973 VW buses with a beach vibe for Vita...

3D Fabrications Take Fleet Marketing to the Next Level

As competition increases, businesses are augmenting fleet vehicle graphics with 3D accents to make their marketing messages stand out.

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General Motors’ GMC brand is heavily promoting its MultiPro tailgate with a marketing campaign...

The Venerable Tailgate Gets a Technology Update

From bumper assist steps and split doors to locking trunks and raised work surfaces, today's tailgate is more than just a cargo backstop in the pickup bed.

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HVAC service fleets see peak activity during summer months for stressed air-conditioning units.

HVAC Service Fleet Activity Peaks in Summer

Companies that provide service for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems see their weekly average stops per vehicle and distance traveled increase significantly during summer months, according to new data from Verizon Connect.

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Two out of every 10 collisions involving commercial vehicles with Lytx telematics devices were...

20% of Commercial Collisions Happen Under 5 mph

Some 20% of recorded collisions and 12% of recorded near-collisions in commercial fleets occur at speeds below 5 mph, according to new research from Lytx.

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FCA's recalling 1.1 million Ram pickups for a tailgate issue.

1.1M Ram Pickups Recalled for Tailgate Issue

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling about 1.1 million Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 pickup trucks from six model years because the tailgate limiter tab may fracture and cause the tailgate to unlatch and open while driving, according to federal documents.

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For fleets that are interested, GMC is offering factory installed power take-off Allison...

2020 GMC Sierra 2500/3500 Diesel

With a max tow rating of 35,500 lbs., the 2020 Sierra 2500/3500 diesel provides 52% more towing capability than its previous model year.

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How to Find the Best Fleet Fuel Card

How to Find the Best Fleet Fuel Card

Fleet fuel cards reduce costs by alerting when drivers pump expensive fuel grades to displaying gallons pumped vs. tank capacity. Read to find out how to find the best provider.

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