In choosing a van, be very specific in the analysis of mission requirements by using weights and...

Getting Started on Buying a Van: First Questions & Decision Points

No matter how many vans you are buying or have bought, following these steps will set your business up for greater success.

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Ed Peper, head General Motors Fleet, and Michelle Calloway, director of OnStar Business...

24 Takeaways from the Inaugural Data-Driven Fleet Experience

The virtual conference presented deep dives on how data is fostering intelligent fleets. The seminars, panel discussions, and networking sessions covered connected cars, electrification suitability, OEM-embedded modems, telematics market trends, the rise of third-party data integrators, the migration to 5G, and video telematics.

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Estimated 5-10% of Fleet Dollars Wasted Annually

Cost management is a constant, never-ending struggle for all fleet managers since every aspect of fleet management revolves around money. While there never seems to be enough money to go around, one of the less talked about aspects of fleet management is the amount of budget dollars that are wasted every year.

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Creating a clear fuel card use policy and training drivers on acceptable use can help fleet...

How to Ensure Secure Fuel Card Transactions

Here are four steps fleet managers can take to prevent fraud and misuse.

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Many fleets who receive driver training after the initial deployment see an increase in range...

Key Considerations for Electrifying Medium-Duty Fleets

Shared are the top eight items to consider when evaluating commercial medium-duty EVs for your fleet, from routes and usage patterns to driving training.

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The national survey of more than 1,000 motorists reveals that people can’t seem to keep their...

Survey: 26% of People Admit to Texting Behind the Wheel

The dramatic jump over 2020 figure underscores the seriousness of a leading traffic safety threat.

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Drivers appear to be growing more tolerant with distracted driving — and living in a virtual...

Pandemic Prompts New Distracted Driving Problems

In the era of COVID-19, constant dependence on devices for connection has extended to our cars.

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Both aluminum and steel wheels can work in any trucking application you can name. So deciding...

Which Wheels Are Right For Your Fleet?

Aluminum or steel wheels? Which is right for your fleet? The answer is trickier than you might think.

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There are many benefits to purchasing your van under a fleet program. Those benefits include...

Van Showroom: Buying The Right Makes and Models

Now that you're ready to buy a van, make sure your eyes are wide open when navigating manufacturers and dealerships.

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From each of his stops, usually in a commercial loading zone or an alley, Matt McCullough loads...

Replacing Commercial Loading with Smart Zones — Does it Work?

The process of loading and unloading in commercial loading zones is antiquated. A curb management pilot with the City of Aspen promises a better way. What do the findings say?

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How Working from Home will Impact Fleet

How Working from Home will Impact Fleet

The pandemic has opened Pandora’s box on working from home – both good and bad. While it has yet to be determined whether this is long-term or short-term trend, it will impact fleet operations. As more jobs involving company drivers become permanently remote, it may result in less travel that will cause reassessment of optimal fleet size.

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