The Canyon AT4  features a bolder exterior design is defined by dark chrome finishes, with a new...

2021 GMC Canyon Introduces AT4 Model

The new 2021 GMC Canyon was revealed in the mountains of Colorado, including a first-ever Canyon AT4.

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The introduction of ADAS has made the greatest impact on vehicle repair costs.

Vehicle Complexity Increasing Fleet Repair Costs

New technologies such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) require special equipment and training when service is needed, which create additional maintenance costs.

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How GPS Tracking Solutions Improve Construction Fleet Safety

Do you face safety challenges with your construction vehicles and assets? Find out the strategies to overcome this challenge with a GPS tracking solution.

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Fleet managers say the fueling infrastructure for electric, natural gas, and hydrogen-based...

Fleets Struggle to Develop Policies Governing Take-Home EVs

Fleet managers say the integration of battery-electric vehicles (EVs) into nationally dispersed fleets is challenging due to regional variances in incentives, rebates, regional product availability versus national availability, and a limited infrastructure of recharging stations that is unevenly dispersed around the country.

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Sales of sedans were once again down in December; however, gains among truck segment vehicles...

Commercial Fleet Sales Rise 13.6% in December

Commercial fleet sales were up 13.6%, government fleet sales were down 1.6%, and daily rental sales were up 8.4%.

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Possible tariffs on tires and commodities that are found in tires could have greater influence...

Forecasting Tire Price Trends in 2020

Most of the subject matter experts that we spoke to expect an increase in tire prices, although predicting future tire costs is difficult due to variables that influence tire pricing.

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Employees with advanced technical skills have become highly sought after as more experienced...

Severe Skilled Technician Shortage Triggering Higher Shop Labor Rates

The vehicle maintenance and repair industries are experiencing a skilled labor shortage as technicians in the Baby Boomer demographic retire in greater numbers than those replacing them. The skilled labor shortage requires shops to pay more for skilled technicians, which translates into higher shop labor rates.

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Guest Blog: Fleet Truck Management – 1920 vs. 2020

Guest Blog: Fleet Truck Management – 1920 vs. 2020

The parallels and warning signs of in truck management over the past 100 years have not changed as much as one might imagine.

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