GM Fleet has launched a parts discounting program for commercial customers.

GM Fleet to Discount 450,000+ Parts

GM Fleet will offer commercial, government, and rental fleets substantial discounts on replacement parts under a new program unveiled at NTEA's The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

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In 2017, UPS package car driver Tom Camp was honored as the company’s longest tenured safe...

How to Keep Drivers Happy

Since fleet drivers spend most of their workdays on the road, they may feel more detached from their companies. Managers can help drivers feel more connected by offering opportunities for them to communicate their opinions, participate in company discussions, and take part in incentive programs.

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Ford's F-550 was named the 2019 Commercial Truck of the Year by Work Truck magazine readers.

Ford's F-550 Wins Commercial Truck of the Year

The Ford F-550 Super Duty chassis cab was named Work Truck’s Commercial Truck of the Year at The Work Truck Show.

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Mobileye’s chip-and-camera technology is constantly scanning for objects and then measuring the...

NYC Medical Fleet Combines Safety Tech to Manage Fleet Risk

Using two camera-based technologies, Ambu-Trans reduced fleet collisions from 35 a year to six.

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In the Los Angeles basin, 90% of harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions comes from...

They’re Coming for Your Diesel

In Southern California and other parts of the world, regulators are coalescing to ban, or severely curtail, diesel vehicles. There’s a growing disconnect with the mandates to green the environment and the availability of products and technologies to get us there.

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On the two-door configuration, the Tradesman maintains a manually shifting transfer case, vinyl...

Ram Unveils 2019 Heavy Duty Tradesman Pickup

Ram will continue to offer a Tradesman trim of its 2019 Heavy Duty pickups announced earlier this year that's geared toward vocational customers, the FCA unit announced at NTEA's The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

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The Flex TT600 asset tracker is now available on the Geotab Marketplace.

Solar-Powered Asset Tracker Lands on Geotab Marketplace

Geotab has added the TT600 solar-powered asset tracker by Flex to its marketplace platform to provide fleet managers with near real-time, detailed tracking information about trailers, containers, and generators, the telematics provider announced.

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The new Ford F-600 chassis cab was introduced at the 2019 Work Truck Show. The F-600, along with...

6 Trend Lines from the 2019 Work Truck Show

From giant leaps in torque and towing to heavy duty truck personalization and chassis cab styling, these trends emerged from this year’s Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

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