Recruit where a higher percentage of minorities will attend, such as job fairs. Put up a banner...

Can’t Find Qualified Drivers? You Have Options

In addition to taking advantage of a new military pilot program, fleet operators can proactively hire through apprenticeship programs, greater community visibility, and internal motivation.

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The Albuquerque area saw 9,989 vehicle thefts in 2017 in a region with about 910,000 residents.

Top Vehicle Theft Hot Spots Named

Albuquerque, New Mexico, recorded the highest rate of vehicle thefts in the U.S. in 2017 as vehicle thefts increased 4.1% across the nation, reports the National Insurance Crime Bureau. Each year, the bureau analyzes thefts reported to law enforcement and releases a top 10 list with its "Hot Spots" report.

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Gregory Anthony, owner of Jac’s Produce of South Williamsport, Penn., stands with one of his...

Proactively Preventing Food Contamination

As the final piece of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is set to take effect, small fleets are assessing ways to switch from a manual recording of temperature inside refrigerated units to an automated process.

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A gallon of regular unleaded has increased 3 cents to $2.88 since the Fourth of July.

Gasoline Increases to $2.88 per Gallon

The national average price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline increased 1 cent to $2.88 for the week ending July 16 and has climbed 3 cents since the Fourth of July holiday, according to AAA.

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Family owned for three generations, Barth Electric boasts such high profile clients as Lucas Oil...

How an Indy Electric Co. Reduced Unsafe Driving Events By 52%

Barth Electric worked closely with its insurance company and telematics provider to identify relevant safety metrics, collate them into a scorecard, and counsel drivers to effect better driving behaviors.

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Hiring Drivers as Contractors in California? Be Careful.

Hiring Drivers as Contractors in California? Be Careful.

Per new regulations, if you operate a fleet in California and you’re using drivers on a contractual basis, be prepared to make fundamental changes to your business.

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Drunk driving still remains a significantly higher cause of road deaths than drugged driving,...

Drunk Driving Still a Worse Problem Than Drugged Driving: MADD

The national president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving has acknowledged that drugged driving is a growing problem but said alcohol-impaired driving remains the number one cause of roadway fatalities nationwide in recent testimony before a U.S. House subcommittee.

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This cutaway reveals the insides of a diesel particulate filter and shows how the small tubes...

How Not to Hate Your Diesel Particulate Filter

Understanding manual and on-road regeneration, how to keep them clean, and when to replace them will reduce the hassles associated with diesel particulate filters.

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Following distance can vary depending on the vehicle you're driving.

Video: Keeping the Right Following Distance

Maintaining a safe driving space around the vehicle is largely something that drivers can control. While many of us have been taught to focus on space — keeping several car lengths between one's vehicle and the car ahead — a better formula concerns time.

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There are other corporate functions that do not have procurement category managers.

The Disconnect Between Fleet Managers & Procurement Fleet Category Managers

Most in procurement take the position that fleet’s primary responsibility is to buy assets and services, which annually can range from millions to tens of millions of dollars in expenditures. This amount of corporate spend requires it be managed by someone with superb negotiation skills and proven procurement acumen. But why isn’t this true for all spend categories?

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