Ari Raptis, founder and CEO of Talaria Transportation believes that his “crisis SOP” and...

Delivering Cannabis in a Crisis

At the onset of the coronavirus crisis, Talaria Transportation converted paper processes to digital in a day. Now CEO Ari Raptis is hoping to spur industry-wide change for the better.

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The panel presenters consisted of: Phil Feigen, attorney and managing partner DC Office and...

CARES Act Analysis: 17 Takeaways for Applicants

These findings were gathered from the April 7 webinar “Navigating the CARES Act for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses with Fleets.”

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Ford Recalls E-350, E-450 Over Engine Concerns

Ford Recalls E-350, E-450 Over Engine Concerns

Ford Motor Co. is recalling an estimated 2,871 of its Ford E-350 and E-3450  full-size vans, due to damage to the fuel pump circuit in the wiring harness, which could result in an unexpected engine stall.

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During the waiver period, CPL holders will no longer need to have a CDL holder in the front seat...

FMCSA Eases Regulations for Learner's Permit Holders, CDL Applicants

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has eased the standards related to commercial learner’s permit holders and obtaining a commercial driver’s license.

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COVID-19 Offers Opportunity to Make a Dent in the Technician Shortage

COVID-19 Offers Opportunity to Make a Dent in the Technician Shortage

Now is when the fleet industry should be proactively identifying these future technicians. The fleet industry has a window to tap into this idled labor pool, who will look attractive to other industries experiencing labor shortages leading to increased competition to recruit this talent.

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The Support Services Department for the City of West Palm Beach gathers in a less socially...

West Palm Beach Fleet Services: Socially Distant, More Connected than Ever

From servicing city vehicles in full plastic suits to staggered shifts and footprint decals to keep social distance, the Support Services Department of the City of West Palm Beach is adapting to work life amidst the coronavirus.

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Photo via U-Haul.

U-Haul Stores Deemed Essential Service Providers

U-Haul stores and dealers continue to serve the public during the coronavirus pandemic with trucks and vans utilized by first responders, supply delivery companies, and struggling small businesses.

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Paccar announced it is continuing its plant shutdown.

Vehicle Makers Extend Production Downtime at North American Factories

In response to the ongoing COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, auto- and truck makers are announcing extended production and factory closures.

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The N95 designation means the respirator can block at least 95% of particles from entering...

Cummins and DuPont Partner on N95 Masks

Cummins’ NanoNet and NanoForce Media technology, which uses DuPont’s Hybrid Membrane Technology (HMT), can typically be found in air, fuel, and lube filtration products used in heavy-duty diesel engines to prevent long-term engine wear, but also can be used in N95 respirator masks.

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Booster Provides Contactless Gas Delivery

Booster Provides Contactless Gas Delivery

Seventy-one percent of traditional gas pump handles have high levels of contamination, enough to spread illness.

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