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“In the modern automotive world, it's very hard to have a clear lane. We think we do, and it’s...

Lordstown Motors Has Sold Out First-Year Production

Lordstown Motor Corp.’s CEO Steve Burns said preorders from commercial and fleet customers for the all-electric Endurance pickup exceed the company’s production capacity of 20,000 units for 2021.

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Jeb Lopez (far left) started Wheelz Up in 2012. The company delivers auto parts using Ford...

When the World Stops, Fleets Get Going

These fleets and fleet-related businesses reveal how they've managed to adapt and prevail — and deliver essential services to combat a global pandemic.

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The charging stations at Love’s Tulare location are the result of a partnership between...

California's Electric Highway Just Got More Juice

The installation of DC fast chargers at three Love’s Travel Stops along Highway 99 expands the West Coast Electric Highway and takes a big step in the electrification of commercial fleets.

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Booster’s fuel trucks visit TMI’s locations to fuel the company’s fleet between shifts. The...

Mobile Services Help Fleets Save Labor and Stay Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic

Two fleet operators outline how they’re saving employee labor by allowing maintenance and fueling services to come to them.

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4 Ways to Improve Fleet Safety and Reduce Crash-Related Costs

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4 Ways to Improve Fleet Safety and Reduce Crash-Related Costs

Safety is always top of mind for fleet management teams – and in the case of distraction behind the wheel, safety begins with addressing the driver’s mindset. These guidelines can help fleet managers effectively assess their vulnerabilities and implement strategies to address them.

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A number of commercial fleets are planning to order fewer fleet vehicles in MY-2021, but the...

Most Commercial Fleet Orders for 2021 Models to be at Pre-Pandemic Levels

A number of commercial fleets are planning to order fewer fleet vehicles in MY-2021, but the majority of surveyed fleet managers state there will be no change in order volumes and will stick to pre-existing replacement schedules.

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Ford said it will address customer acceptance, government regulations, economic conditions and...

Ford Plans to Achieve Carbon Neutrality Goal by 2050

Ford Motor Co. plans to achieve carbon neutrality globally by 2050, while setting interim targets to address climate change challenges.

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Lordstown plans to reveal the Endurance at an event in Warren, Ohio on June 25.

ServPro to Purchase 1,200 Endurance Electric Pickups

According to a letter of intent, ServPro will be among the first commercial fleet customers to take delivery of the Endurance pickup when full scale production begins in early 2021.

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States with prolonged shutdowns are starting to reach the same level of miles driven as states...

Study: U.S. Has Returned to 95% Commercial Driving Activity

Driving data collated by Samsara shows that while long haul transportation and food and beverage sectors have essentially reached pre-COVID-19 commercial driving activity, other industries, like transit, education, and oil and gas are far from recovery.

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Today’s national average is 19 cents more expensive than a month ago, but remains significantly...

Gas Prices Continue Gradual Rise

The national average price for gasoline rose to $2.13 continuing a rise following record lows amid the COVID-19 pandemic, though the rate at which gas prices are increasing across the country is slowing.

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