Under this anti-idling law, a commercial truck or bus can be fined at least $250 for idling for...

Vigilante Anti-Idling Law Hits NYC Fleets with Heavy Fines

Known as the Citizens Air Complaint Program, New York City citizens can make money by reporting commercial vehicles that are left idling for more than three minutes without a driver.

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Try it out to make purchasing decisions and take into account total cost of ownership by vehicle.

Compare Vehicle Costs & Incentives with this Bobit Tool

An exclusive web tool, powered by Vincentric, allows fleet managers to compare vehicle cost of ownership, engine options, incentives, maintenance, and more.

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2023 MY Volvo cars will offer a seamless transition between digital life at home and on the...

Volvo 2023 Lineup Will Be Electric or Hybrid

The models, which are in production now and will begin arriving at retailers this summer, will be equipped with built-in Google digital features that connect to the home.

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Intelligent Range can also sample similar towing and energy use situations to further refine...

Ford F-150 Lightning Software & Towing Range Estimates

Smart technologies help more accurately calculate remaining vehicle range using real-time conditions.

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Nissan Business Advantage

Sponsored by Nissan North America

Nissan Business Advantage

Turn your fleet into a workforce.

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Atlis Motor Vehicles’ executives Mark Hanchett, founder & CEO; Annie Pratt, president; Apoorv...

How Will Atlis Motor Vehicles Prevail in a Crowded EV Market?

The electric truck maker is planning an IPO this summer. But in a crowded field of at least 25 independent makers of commercial electric vehicles, success entails more than just producing a truck.

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U.S. Army Master Sergeant Cedric King keynoted CAR 2022 on March 23 with an inspiring and gritty...

Navigating Life When the Storms Never Seem to End

CAR 2022 IARA Session: A crisis, trial, setback, or challenge — you can’t change the conditions, but you can summon the circumstances, a veteran U.S. Army Ranger tells a conference of vehicle remarketers.

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Since there are fewer moving parts in an electric vehicle, there are fewer maintenance needs....

How Fleet Technician Roles Will Change in an Electrified Environment

As the fleet industry moves closer to electrification, knowing how to maintain electric vehicles will be key. Here’s what fleet managers need to know about servicing EVs and the training that's required for techs in this new future.

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There are many providers on the market today and the key is to find one that fits your needs...

GPS Vehicle Tracking: A Start-Up Guide for Small Business

Following these steps to find the right GPS vehicle tracking system will facilitate a smooth integration into your small business.

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A “frunk,” or front truck, was favored by 52% of electrified truck intenders surveyed. The...

Electrified Trucks Attract New Kind of Buyer

Bidirectional charging ranked highest among electrified truck intenders, with 64% saying they wanted it. The technology can power appliances, tools, and TVs and serve as a generator for a house or even charge another electric vehicles.

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A new report from Lytx reveals risky behaviors that drivers have successfully reduced as well...

Lytx Report Identifies Positive and Negative Trends in Driver Behavior

Lytx’s fourth “State of the Data” report on vehicle fleets shows drivers using the company’s safety program experienced fewer collisions in 2021. However, the data also identifies top increased risky behaviors including cellphone distraction.

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