Communication is imperative in making a closed-end lease successful, particularly when...

How to Stay out of Trouble When Your Closed-End Lease Ends

A closed-end lease works great for small fleets that don’t want the financial worry of the vehicle at resale. For lessees, success entails proper management of vehicle condition and mileage, as well as communicating with the lessor should driving patterns change.

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Last-mile delivery of this clothes dryer to a home will include installing it for the homeowner.

The Last Mile: Where Brawn Meets Brains

There’s plenty of room to play in the last-mile space — the trick is to learn the consumer is king of this hill.

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Booster has secured all the required permits and regulatory licenses to deliver gas and diesel...

Booster Adds Seattle to Fuel Delivery Routes

Booster has begun gas routes in Seattle serving new customers such as Advanced Government Services, Century Link, and Monarch.

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Fleet Forward Conference took place at The Forager, a creative event space in downtown San...

2019 Fleet Forward Conference in Pictures

The 2019 Fleet Forward Conference, dedicated to mobility solutions for fleets, convened Nov. 11-13 at The Forager in San Jose, Calif.

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Drivers in foodservice distribution make more on average than drivers in other sectors,...

Food Distribution Drivers Make More on Average than Rest of the Industry

If you’re wondering where the best money is for drivers, look no further than the food distribution sector, according a new survey conducted by the International Foodservice Distributors Association.

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Full electric vehicles have neither emissions nor exhaust systems that ultimately require...

Here’s What Fleet Managers Want in a Vocational EV

The commercial fleet market wants EVs as evidenced by the increased number of national fleets that are adding low- or zero-emission equipment requirements into RFPs.

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Ford Motor Company Executive Chairman Bill Ford, left, and actor Idris Elba next to Ford Motor...

Ford Introduces First All-Electric with a Mustang Badge

Equipped with an extended-range battery and rear-wheel drive, the Mustang Mach-E has a targeted range of at least 300 miles. Is tying an all-electric to the iconic Mustang badge a risky move?

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Weighing the Value of Mobile Maintenance: Hard Costs vs. Soft Costs

Weighing the Value of Mobile Maintenance: Hard Costs vs. Soft Costs

Vocational vehicles are in the business of delivering goods and providing services. They are earning assets and to maximize their productivity, you need to minimize unscheduled downtime or offset downtime for routine PMs by doing the work during non-revenue-producing hours.

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