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GPS Insight Raises Private Equity Investment

Telematics vendor GPS Insight has acquired an investment from private equity firm Bregal Sagemount that will fund the company's continued growth as a provider of cloud-based fleet management software, the Scottsdale, Ariz.-based company announced.

The GPS Insight Hours of Service Solution

If you are looking for more than the bare minimum of FMCSA compliance, upgrade your business to a complete fleet management solution that combines e-logs, GPS tracking, DVIR, messaging, and navigation. Arm your fleet with the GPS Insight Hours of Service ELD Solution to ensure compliance, improve safety, and increase productivity. LEARN MORE

4 Tips for a Successful ELD Deployment

  John Gaither, an ELD expert with over 30 years of experience in the industry, provides his top four recommendations that will help your business successfully deploy ELDs. John provides insight on what’s most important going through this process to ensure you choose the right provider, experience a well-organized device rollout, and have your team ready to use the technology. LEARN MORE

What Happens When You Are NOT ELD Compliant

In the video, ELD Product Specialist, John Gaither, discusses the repercussions to drivers and businesses, as defined by the FMCSA guidelines, found to be operating outside the ELD mandate rule. Hint, there are heavy fines involved. LEARN MORE

Key Considerations for Fleets Implementing Telematics

Jason Walker, VP of Sales and veteran in the telematics space, explains the key considerations for fleets looking to implement telematics. He details the two most important parts of the process and why they matter. LEARN MORE  

How to Introduce GPS Tracking to Your Employees

How do you build a positive perception of GPS tracking with your employees? Although you may be convinced that GPS tracking will benefit your business, we often hear that employees are not always on the same page from the start. LEARN MORE  

The Challenges We Help Fleets Solve

At GPS Insight, we help our customers solve their business challenges by providing the information they need and assembling a team to help deliver the goals we establish together. For the right organizations, we deliver amazing results; however, some companies might be looking for dots on a map only or the cheapest solution, and that is not us. We understand that this approach is not for everyone. But if solving your business challenges is important, could we be the right fit for you? LEARN MORE