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Green Fleets and Alternative Energy

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Learn from the experts at Automotive Fleet the ways fleet organizations are greening their fleets. The Green Fleet Channel brings you the latest in the reduction of fuel costs and alternative energy solutions for fleet cars and trucks.
Useful Articles
A Cleaner-Running Food Truck Fleet
Powered by natural gas and state-of-the-art equipment, this growing New York City pizza company could be the future of food trucks.
Keep The Faith
For this baker, finding used CNG-powered vehicles is harder in a booming natural gas market, but today's economics make even better sense for natural gas.
Propane Factors for a Small Fleet
This coffee roasting company says that at 50,000 miles annually per vehicle, the bi-fuel propane autogas conversion on two vans will likely pay back in less than one year.
Toolbox - Is Re-refined Oil A Viable Fleet Option?
Re-refined motor oil is better for the environment, domestically produced and its cost is ­comparable to traditional motor oil. But is it safe for your engine?
The Hybrid Payback for Fleets: A New Class of Vehicles
There are more hybrid models than ever before, but is the gap shrinking on return on investment for fleets?
Going Green, Saving Green: A Fleet Manager's Guide to Alternative Fuels Best Practices
While the case for alternative fuels is compelling, knowing how to implement them in your fleet isn’t always obvious. How do you roll out green initiatives without raising operating costs and exposing your fleet to market fads?
Saving Through Sustainability Initiatives
Initiatives to increase the sustainability of an organization's fleet should always be considered when a fleet manager is tasked with finding ways to save money. However, sustainability relies on a number of components that sometimes complicates the equation.

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