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Safety Tip: Dealing With Headlight Glare

In the view of some drivers, this problem has grown much worse. Here's some advice from AAA as well as news about upcoming technology that might help.


Smart Headlight Development

This September 2014 report from CBS Pittsburgh KDKA 2 News highlights progress on smart headlight development at Carnegie Mellon University. To learn more about headlight glare causes and how to mitigate their impact, click here for a fleet safety tip. 

Photo of crash scene courtesy of NHTSA.


Traffic Fatalities Up in First Half of 2015

The disturbing trend prompts federal Department of Transportation officials to step up efforts to change risky behavior among the driving public.

At a recent NAFA fleet management association meeting for the Pacific Southwest Chapter, Phil Moser and the ADTS team demonstrated three safe driving courses that covered backing up and driving around cones, steering around an obstacle and threshold braking. Each attendee had a chance to practice his or her driving skills on the courses.


Driver Safety 101: Braking, Steering and Scanning the Road

A former police officer and crash reconstruction specialist shares his top driving tips to help fleets maintain safer driving techniques — hopefully leading to fewer collisions on the road.

Photo by NHTSA via Wikimedia Commons.


Ford Recalls Fusions, Mercury Milans for Fire Risk

The recall covers 411,205 2010-2011 model-year Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan vehicles in the U.S.

Photo of Nissan Altima courtesy of Nissan.


Loose Bolts Trigger Nissan Recall

The recall affects 119 Altima and Maxima sedans manufactured during a two-day period in October of this year.


Video Tip: Driving Safely in High Winds

Some parts of the country have experienced high winds in recent days. Here's some advice from Ford and esurance on how to drive safely in such conditions.

Infographic courtesy of Ford.


Ford's Drugged Driving Suit Simulates Hazards

Ford is demonstrating the dangers of driving while under the influence of illegal street drugs with its Drugged Driving Suit, which simulates impairments caused by the use of cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and MDMA (Ecstasy).


Driving in High Winds

In this video, Ford offers safety advice about driving in high winds or dust storms. For the full fleet safety tip, featuring advice from esurance, click here.

Automotive Fleet photo.


31% Say Self-Driving Cars Safer Than Distracted Drivers

New research indicates that one in three Americans would feel safer knowing autonomous vehicles were on the road.

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What Will Your Next Crash Really Cost?

After reading our first white paper, “Enlist the Aid of ‘Road warriors’ to Help Predict Your Next Crash,” you know at-fault crashes are predictable. In this White Paper, Number Two of our series, you will learn that, since at-fault crashes are predictable, they are also preventable through the use of new technology.

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