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Dan Frank (right) becomes only the third Wheels president since it was founded in 1939 by Zollie Frank, Dan’s grandfather, and Zollie’s brother-in-law Amund Schoen. Zollie’s son, Jim (left), became the second president in 1974. Dan has held various roles in the company during his 16-year tenure. Wheels Positions Itself for Future Growth
In a wide-ranging interview, Dan Frank, newly appointed president of Wheels Inc., and CEO Jim Frank, discuss their strategic vision for the company and how they see the fleet industry changing in the next five years.
What To Do (And Not To Do) After a Highway Breakdown
Depending on the setting, there are different ways to handle the aftermath of a vehicle breakdown.
Goggin Warehousing uses in-vehicle video-based safety systems in each of its 80 fleet trucks. In-Vehicle Camera Improves Fleet’s Driver Safety, Fuel Usage
By monitoring its drivers in the cab, this truck fleet saw a decrease in high-risk driving occurrences and improved fuel economy — as well as exoneration from driving incident accusations.
As of 2008, a commercial vehicle is defined as any vehicle with a GVWR of more than 10,000 lbs., and that includes the weight of a trailer. Rob Kooken cites the example of the landscaper with a pickup truck towing a trailer who may get caught not understanding the rules. Photo via Ildar Sagdejev/Wikimedia Got Compliance?
Federal rules defining commercial vehicles have changed. If you're not compliant, getting stopped by the authorities is no way to find out.
Follow these 10 safety checks below to keep cargo from going airborne in your truck. Secure Your Load
According to the NHTSA, about 440 fatalities were caused by roadway debris in 2010. All 50 states and the District of Columbia reported having fines or penalties for violating unsecured load statutes ranging from $10 to $5,000.

Safety News

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Photo of Chevrolet Silverado courtesy of General Motors.
Chevrolet Silverado Design Simplifies Collision Repair
General Motors engineers incorporated several features that allow technicians to more efficiently repair collision damage.
Roundabouts Safer for Older Drivers, IIHS Says
This alternative to traditional intersections can mitigate a major cause of crashes among older drivers: inadequate surveillance.
Fleet Safety Video Tip: Motorcycle Awareness
Sharing the road with motorcyclists poses a host of safety issues that fleet drivers need to keep in mind. Here's some advice you can pass along.
Chart courtesy of J.D. Power.
Recall Customer Satisfaction Increases
The percentage of dealer service visits relating to recalls reached 16 percent in 2015 for at least a six-year high, yet satisfaction among those customers is also rising, according to a J.D. Power study.
Fleet Safety Video Tip: Fighting Drowsy Driving
Drowsy driving is the second leading cause of fatal crashes, behind drunken driving. But the scope and nature of this safety risk is often misunderstood.
Photo courtesy of GM.
Chevrolet Cruze Recalled for Parking Brake Failure
The recall, set to begin this month, affects 1,733 compact cars in the 2015 model year.
Fleet Safety Video Tip: Dealing With Potholes
This winter's extreme freeze-and-thaw cycles have created conditions for a nightmarish pothole season, but AAA offers some valuable advice on how to prevent pothole damage.
Photo of Nissan Altima courtesy of Nissan.
More Nissan Altimas Recalled for Hood Latch
The recall, an expansion of a previous one, affects 625,000 Altima sedans manufactured from March 1, 2013, to Dec. 31, 2014.
Photo of Sen. Edward Markey by U.S. Senate via Wikimedia Commons.
Senate Bill Addresses Safety Recall Completion Rates
To qualify for legal registration by a state DMV, a vehicle would have to complete all designated safety recall repairs.
Fleet Safety Video Tip: Dealing With Sun Glare
The shift to Daylight Savings Time, along with the presence of highly reflective snow and ice, can make sun glare a major driving hazard this time of year. Here are some tips on how to mitigate the risks.


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Driver Alertness Detection System The InterCore Driver Alertness Detection System is a cloud based service that monitors driver alertness in real time using a camera linked to a smartphone. View more info

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Fleet Cargo Security Benchmarking Research Results

See how your fleet cargo security and asset management strategies measure up with fleet managers across the nation.

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