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Photo by Amy Winter-Hercher. Promoting Safer, Greener Fleets
These new technology tools on display at the 2015 Fleet Technology Expo are designed to increase fleet safety, reduce emissions and save money on fuel.
Image courtesy of Keeping Trucks Safely on the Road
Regardless of the size of the fleet's trucks, drivers, must observe safety precautions at all times, from inspection to destination and back.
The orignial DashMat in red. Photo courtesy of Covercraft. Truck Driver Comfort and Convenience
Check out these truck accessories to help bring drivers more comfort and convenience while on the road.
Wheelz Up, a Washington-D.C.-based auto parts delivery service, holds a safety meeting with some of its fleet drivers. Photo courtesy of Wheelz Up. Developing Budget-Friendly Driver Safety Programs
From driver training and safety meetings to one-on-one coaching and incentive programs, several small fleets share how they have developed a safety culture with their drivers - using low- to no-cost resources.
Dan Frank (right) becomes only the third Wheels president since it was founded in 1939 by Zollie Frank, Dan’s grandfather, and Zollie’s brother-in-law Amund Schoen. Zollie’s son, Jim (left), became the second president in 1974. Dan has held various roles in the company during his 16-year tenure. Wheels Positions Itself for Future Growth
In a wide-ranging interview, Dan Frank, newly appointed president of Wheels Inc., and CEO Jim Frank, discuss their strategic vision for the company and how they see the fleet industry changing in the next five years.

Safety News

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Video Tip: When Flash Floods Strike
AAA offers driver safety tips for emergency lash-flooding conditions.
Fatality rate from road crashes per population, 2013. Source: UMTRI.
Study Compares State Crash Fatality Rates
Montana, Mississippi and North Dakota have the highest fatality rates from road crashes per 100,000 people, researchers found.
Graph courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
Driver Work-Related Deaths Escalate
Driver and sales workers experienced the highest fatal work injury rates in 2014, according to preliminary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.
Image of Ford Fusion courtesy of Ford.
Ford Recalls Fusion, MKZ Sedans for Fire Risk
The recall, affecting 658 vehicles in the U.S., will address fuel tanks that may be at risk for cracking during a collision.
Photo of Ford F-150 courtesy of Ford.
Ford Recalls F-150 Pickups for Unexpected Braking
The recall, covering 33,481 pickups in the U.S., will address a potential braking problem tied to the adaptive cruise control radar.
FCA Admits to Regulatory Reporting Errors
The automaker faces new accusations that it has under-reported crash deaths and injuries in data submissions required by the federal TREAD Act.
Video Tip: Yielding to Emergency Vehicles
Here's some advice about yielding to ambulances, fire trucks and police cars. You may want to pass this along to fleet drivers as a friendly reminder.
Video: Ford Edge Named Top Safety Pick
The redesigned mid-size SUV draws the highest possible score in four of five IIHS crashworthiness evaluations.
Video Tip: Battling Distracted Driving
This week's safety tip features the latest video installment in AT&T's "It Can Wait" campaign.
The defective ignition switches were installed in several GM models, including the Pontiac G5. Photo courtesy of GM.
GM Settles Criminal, Civil Ignition-Switch Cases
The criminal case settlement with federal prosecutors requires payment of $900 million and the hiring of an independent monitor to oversee the company’s safety practices.


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Driver Alertness Detection System The InterCore Driver Alertness Detection System is a cloud based service that monitors driver alertness in real time using a camera linked to a smartphone. View more info

Research and Best Practices

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What Will Your Next Crash Really Cost?

After reading our first white paper, “Enlist the Aid of ‘Road warriors’ to Help Predict Your Next Crash,” you know at-fault crashes are predictable. In this White Paper, Number Two of our series, you will learn that, since at-fault crashes are predictable, they are also preventable through the use of new technology.

Accident Costs Calculator

Use this calculator to see how much extra sales revenue your company needs to generate to make up for the profits lost as a result of fleet accidents.
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