Magnet Paints, a provider of refinishing and industrial maintenance products, announces the availability of its Chassis Saver underbody coating, which is said to be formulated to prevent automotive and truck corrosion without the use of primers and top coats. According to the company, owner-operators, fleet managers and truck refinishing shops can save up to 70 percent when using Chassis Saver to obtain the same chassis protection that used to take multiple coats of expensive primers and top coats. The company says Chassis Saver represents a one-paint solution that chemically bonds to rusted metal to create a hard, glaze-like non-porous finish that provides protection to the underbody components of any car, truck, van or SUV. By sealing off areas such as frames, floor boards, fender wells, firewalls and trunk areas from damaging moisture, Chassis Saver helps vehicles resist road salts, gasoline, oil, battery acid and other solvents, according to Magnet Paints. "Chassis Saver is probably the best product I've ever seen when it comes to protecting car and truck frames," says Ken Robinson of K & J Auto Works in Ottsville, PA. "We do a lot of diesel truck work. With Chassis Saver, we just pressure wash the frame, spray it on and we're done. It holds up well, it's very flexible, durable, and it doesn't chip. Every customer that we do it for ends up very pleased." Magnet Paints claims the Chassis Saver allows application onto bare or rusted metal via brush, roller, and all types of spray equipment. High solids content and high-build properties ensure that edges are completely covered with only two or three coats. For surfaces exposed to sunlight, Magnet's Series 9000 Magnacryl Acrylic Enamels or Series 5000 Magnatron Acrylic Polyurethane can be applied over Chassis Saver to provide protection from ultra violet rays while imparting rich color strength and a high gloss finish. Chassis Saver can even accept other manufacturer's top coats, says the company. Chassis Saver is said to emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) of less than 2.09 lbs. per gallon (250 GPL). Like all Magnet coatings, Chassis Saver is free from lead and chromate hazards. For more information about Magnet Paints' complete line of fleet refinishing and metal-coating products, or to inquire about a distribution arrangement, contact Magnet Paints at 336 Bayview Avenue, Amityville, New York, NY 11701; (800) 922-9981; fax (631) 842-8222, or visit