Chrysler Group announced changes to its future product plans when it reported its full-year 2012 on Jan. 30.

The automaker said it plans to build a total of 47 new or significantly redesigned models over the next few years starting this year and on through 2016.

Chrysler posted its business plan on its website that detailed which products and brands it plans to drop or produce over the next few years. Key product introductions for 2013 include the previously announced refresh of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Jeep D-SUV, a refresh of the Ram 2500/3500, the introduction of the Ram ProMaster commercial van and the addition of the Fiat 500L.

Following is an overview of Chrysler’s plan for the North American marketplace by brand.


The automaker plans to drop two Fiat-produced models in 2013, add a new vehicle and refresh another in 2014 (the refresh is a change from its 2009 business plan), and add three new models in 2015.

The new models slated for 2014 and 2015 will be built by Chrysler and were both moved up a year.


Chrysler plans to build what it’s called the Jeep “D-SUV” in 2013 and it already announced refreshes of the Compass and Cherokee. The Compass and Cherokee refreshes are changes from its 2009 business plan.

For 2014, the automaker moved its plans to add a single Fiat-produced vehicle to its Jeep lineup delayed by a year compared to the 2009 plan.

In 2015, the automaker plans to add two new Chrysler-produced vehicles, one of which the automaker has delayed two years compared to the 2009 plan.

In 2016, the automaker plans to refresh a Jeep model (noted in its 2009 business plan) and add two new Chrysler-produced Jeep models.


For its Ram truck brand, the company plans to introduce its ProMaster commercial van, which it delayed by one year compared to its 2009 plan, and refresh its Ram 2500/3500 pickup truck and chassis cab models, also delayed one year.

For 2014, Chrysler plans to build a new Fiat-produced model, which the automaker has delayed two years compared to its 2009 plan.

In 2015, the automaker plans to refresh a single Chrysler-produced model. In 2016, Chrysler plans to introduce two new Chrysler-produced Ram models, both of which the automaker is delaying by three years compared to its 2009 plan.


For 2013, Chrysler is dropping two planned Fiat-produced Dodge models and adding a refresh (compared to its 2009 plan) of a single Chrysler-produced Dodge model.

Looking ahead, Chrysler plans to refresh two Chrysler-produced Dodge models in 2014 (both changes from its 2009 plan), add a new Chrysler-produced Dodge model and refresh another in 2015, and lastly add a new Chrysler-produced Dodge model in 2016.


For its SRT models, Chrysler already said it plans to build an SRT version of the refreshed Jeep Grand Cherokee in 2013.

For 2014, the automaker added (compared to its 2009 plan) three refreshes of Chrysler-produced SRT models.

For 2015, the automaker is planning a refresh of a Chrysler-produced model, and in 2016 a new Chrysler-produced SRT model is planned.


For its Fiat brand, Chrysler noted that the addition of the all-new 500L in 2013 is a change from its plan.

The automaker isn’t planning any changes to its Fiat lineup in 2014, but in 2015, the automaker will release six new Fiat-produced models, four of which are changes from the automaker’s 2009 plan.

For 2016, Chrysler plans to offer a Fiat-produced model.

Alfa Romeo

Accordig to the updated business plan, Chrysler is planning to officially reintroduce Alfa Romeo models to the U.S. marketplace, with a new Fiat-produced model planned this year, and four new models, two of which are additions and changes from the 2009 plan, are planned for 2015.

Lastly, the automaker plans to build a single new Alfa Romeo model in 2016.

You can view and download the financial presentation and the chart that shows Chrysler's product plans here.