The Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) has released the results of its Fleet Intentions, Influence, and Satisfaction Survey for 2012. This research into its members’ current and future fleet specifications seeks to identify and understand the issues influencing vehicle purchasing decisions, according to the Association.

According to the results:
• Over the next two years there is expected to be a 4 percent drop in large car use with a corresponding increase in medium and small cars, and small SUVs.
• 90 percent of organisations have a minimum ANCAP rating policy of 4 stars or higher.
• Just 18 percent said they used telematics to monitor their vehicle locations.
• Over the next two years there is expected to be a 6 percent drop in gasoline vehicles with an increase in diesel, ethanol blended gasoline, and hybrids.
• Driver management continues to be the greatest challenge for fleet managers.
• "Fit for purpose" criteria is strongest driver of vehicle selection.

These insights are important for the Association, fleet managers and those who supply to fleet, as well as the wider community as half of all new vehicle registered are for business use, and represent a vast majority of used vehicle sales. This means that purchasing decisions will effect the safety, sustainability and specifications of a majority of vehicles on the road at any given time, according to an AfMA release about the survey results.

The findings of the survey, when plotted against V-Facts data retrospectively, have been accurate in predicting trend changes, according to AfMA.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet