NexTraq, a GPS fleet and asset tracking solutions provider, announced March 28 a partnership with field service software provider Compusource.

Compusource and NexTraq will work together to provide management functionality for service contracting businesses, with features including dispatch, maintenance, contract management, service quoting and mobile technician management, as well as fully integrated accounting.

The Compusource dispatch system will be powered by NexTraq, and will make things much easier for the dispatcher. On one screen users will be able to see: open service calls, service calls being worked on and truck locations — all color coded by status. This partnership gives dual customers of NexTraq and Compusource a competitive edge at a fraction of the cost.

The partnership will allow both companies to enhance their offerings to the service contractor community.

“NexTraq and Compusource together provide all the functionality to run a service contracting business,” said Greg Weber, sales manager at Compusource. “Customers benefit from the partnership because they will be significantly more productive, and therefore more profitable. The integration will allow users to have a much greater handle on their operations with little extra effort.”

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