NSTAR and VNG.CO LLC have entered into a joint initiative for the installation of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling facilities by VNG, which will support NSTAR's deployment of light-duty natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in the Greater Boston Area. The initial five VNG fueling facilities will be installed in 2014 in existing retail gasoline stations and will provide CNG fueling for all light-duty NGVs in the region.

“This program supports the growth of our NGV fleet while providing commercial, governmental, and residential customers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts the opportunity to achieve the fuel savings and emissions reductions that are offered by CNG,” said Rod Powell, president of NSTAR Gas. “We’re excited to take a leadership role in supporting the expansion of natural gas vehicle use in Massachusetts.”  

Core to VNG’s partnership with NSTAR and its larger, multi-phased CNG infrastructure development program is the GE ecomagination-qualified CNG In A Box system. This fully-integrated, plug-and-play CNG fueling solution is VNG’s preferred equipment package as it works with companies such as NSTAR and GE to build a CNG fueling network across the U.S.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet