Beginning November 1, most Washington state motorists will be able to renew their licenses over the Internet. Three weeks ago, the California Department of Motor Vehicles offered motorists the same service. In California, if you have a verified Social Security number and the DMV mailing says you are eligible to go online for a renewal, drivers may log onto the DMV Web site at For a $24 license fee payable by credit card, the new license is mailed to the driver. Under the new Washington system, eligible motorists will get a notice in the mail, including a user password through The program is limited to those aged 25 to 65. Online renewal in Washington is good for five years and costs the same as in-person renewal: $25 for a regular license, $15 for an identification card. Once every 10 years, the driver must renew in person so the photo and other pertinent information don't get too out of date.