An undercover television news report that uncovered a chain of 20 Denver, Colorado gas stations cheating its customers at the pump by loading 85 octane that he sold as 87 octane has lead to state imposed fines of the owner, according to a news report by The investigation into Western Convenience Gasoline’s deceitful practices was launched after a veteran driver and former employee of the company’s gasoline tankers decided to speak out. Using hidden cameras, the investigative report followed several Western Convenience trucks as they traveled from filling yards to more than a dozen Denver-area gas stations where they filled low-grade gasoline into mid-grade tanks. As a result of the news report, and despite his vehement denials, the owner of Western Convenience was fined $6,000 by the state for 12 violations in 24 days and ordered to immediately discontinue the practice. In fact, state officials said that it was the owner’s own paper trail that gave them the evidence they needed.