Global Electric Motorcars today launched production of its all-new six-passenger GEM electric vehicles at the company's headquarters and assembly plant in Fargo, N.D. The GEM e6 is being added to the current GEM lineup of two- and four-passenger vehicles and two utility-vehicle models. The two six-passenger GEM models are designed to meet both street-legal and off-road needs. The GEM e6 is street legal and, with its special "S" package, is equipped with a battery pack for extended range driving (up to 40 miles) and a utility bed to carry passenger luggage and other cargo. "We created these new GEM vehicles as a result of customer demand," said Rick Kasper, President and Chief Operating Officer of Global Electric Motorcars. "The GEM e6 is the perfect local transportation solution for larger families or for transporting groups of people around real estate developments, theme parks, as well as around business, college and medical campuses. The GEM e6S is the perfect all-around shuttle and delivery vehicle for use on private roads within resorts, airports and military bases where ruggedness and continuous duty is an issue."