OTTAWA -- Netistix(TM) Technologies Corporation, creator of the FleetPulse(TM) wireless fleet monitoring system, has devised a novel tool for fleet vehicle operators to calculate the cost savings they can achieve by accurately identifying, monitoring and correcting vehicle deficiencies and driver behaviour. Netistix(TM) has developed and launched an online cost-benefit calculator that allows fleet managers to calculate the savings they could realize by reducing the idling times of their vehicles, encouraging drivers to reduce their speed, and by improving overall vehicle fitness through tune-ups and properly inflated tires. All of these factors affect fuel consumption and the costs of operating a vehicle. Available online at:, the calculator begins by allowing visitors to indicate the fuel economy of a single fleet vehicle, its idle fuel consumption, the price per litre paid for fuel and the vehicle's emissions rate. Default values are also provided based on industry resources. The calculator asks for a "target goal" for reducing idling of the vehicle and, based on the information provided, will calculate the per-vehicle cost savings that can be achieved through use of a fleet monitoring solution such as Netistix(TM) FleetPulse(TM). Additional fuel economy and even multiple-vehicle computations can also be made, and fleet managers can conclude by calculating the potential savings across their entire fleet. The results can be emailed or printed for future reference. Gord Echlin, CEO of Netistix(TM) commented on the introduction of the online calculator: "The calculator is a useful and helpful way to estimate the cost savings and emissions reductions that can be achieved with a wireless fleet monitoring system. Research has shown that once fleet managers have real operational data and can demonstrate the true cost of particular manageable variables, they will take the steps to improve the fitness of their vehicles and have drivers modify their habits." About Netistix(TM) Technologies Netistix(TM) Technologies Corporation develops, markets and sells an innovative fleet monitoring system and related applications for organizations that have significant fleet operations, including fleet management companies and their repair service providers. Netistix(TM) FleetPulse(TM) system helps these businesses improve their vehicle and fleet management tasks and become more profitable and productive. It blends native engine data and OBDII diagnostics data with low-cost web services and Wi-Fi infrastructures to lower the total cost of fleet ownership and fleet operations. Netistix(TM) is privately owned and operated from headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada's Silicon Valley North. In 2005, the company was named to the Branham Group's Top 25 Up and Coming technology companies in Canada.