RAC released its 2006 Report on Motoring in the UK, revealing 83 percent of fleet drivers believe congestion is steadily getting worse and 49 percent support a road-pricing scheme using telematics technology. The English government is considering issuing a motoring tax, affecting drivers in high-traffic areas, commuters and company fleet drivers. RAC, the equivalent of AAA, says nearly two-thirds of drivers are asking for a trade off on motoring tax, 56 percent expect investment in fixing existing roads and 67 percent say improvements in public transport are crucial. Many fleet drivers agree; to have a successful scheme it must be calculated on a fair basis. Some drivers suggest annual mileage would be the most effective model for improvements in roadway congestion, reports RAC. Other ways for government to soften the scheme for fleet drivers include adding technological bonuses like anti-theft systems and emergency panic buttons to vehicles.